Inspired by @karlalucia
  1. Eloise
    Being able to live on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel and have New York City adventures? Yes, please! But more than that she was spunky, imaginative, and pretty gosh darn fearless.
  2. Ramona Quimby
    I was—and in many ways, still am— the Beezus of my family. Maybe that's why there were more days than I could ever count where I longed to be the wild, somewhat mischievous Ramona.
  3. Kimberly Hart
    Probably a cliché answer for most girls who grew up in the 90s, but it's true. I wanted to be Kimberly Hart/the Pink Power Ranger sooooo *badly* that my Halloween in '95 was ruined because my mom couldn't find me a Pink Power Ranger costume. (Fun fact: I still have one of my Pink Power Ranger action figures from childhood.)
  4. Princess Leia
    Seeing Star Wars for the first time was a complete and total game changer for me. Not only was she not the typical damsel-in-distress type, she was smart, funny, strong, and just as capable of saving the day as the men standing alongside her.
  5. Mary Richards
    She had a great job, a sweet apartment, an amazing wardrobe, and a full social life without having a husband or steady boyfriend in the picture. (To young me, this was mind blowing.)
  6. Matilda
    While the chokie would have been my worst nightmare, I loved that Matilda was someone who didn't let the negative circumstances around her crush her spirit.
  7. Miss Honey
    I loved Miss Honey because she wasn't just the kind of teacher I wanted to learn from, but the kind of teacher I wanted to be back then. More than that I loved the way she opened her heart to Matilda.
  8. Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane
    Smart, funny, sarcastic, and creative— they were the definition of cool to me.
  9. Buffy Summers
    I don't think I wanted to be slayer as much as I wanted to be someone who could admit she was scared and yet still do what needed to be done to save the day. Plus she was just a complete and total badass.
  10. Veronica Mars
    I still believe that I could have been an amazing teen PI at my high know, if my high school had bigger mysteries than who vandalized the horse statue out front.
  11. Vada Sultenfuss
    Not only did Vada have some pretty fantastic one-liners, she was confident enough to join a writing class despite being the youngest there by at least fifteen years. I wanted that kind of confidence. Honestly, I still do.
  12. Dorothy Jane Torkelson
    Despite its criminally short air life, The Torkelsons will forever be one of my favorite shows and a big part of that was because of sweet, sensitive, book-loving, Man-in-the-Moon talking Dorothy Jane. And out of all the characters listed here, she's the one I actually ended up being the most like.