The first part can be found here: FAVORITE LINES I'VE READ while the second part can be found here: FAVORITE LINES I'VE READ, PART II
  1. From Nina LaCour's Everything Leads to You:
    "We love films because they makes us feel something. They speak to our desires, which are never small. They allow us to escape and to dream and to gaze into the eyes that are impossibly beautiful and huge. They fill us with longing. But also. They tell us to remember; they remind us of life."
  2. "Because in the conversation beneath this one, what we're really saying is I am an imperfect person. Here are my failures. Do you want me anyway?"
    - Nina LaCour, Everything Leads to You
  3. "Trying to write about love is ultimately like trying to have a dictionary represent life. No matter how many words there are, there will never be enough."
    - David Levithan, The Lover's Dictionary
  4. "It's one thing to fall in love. It's another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love."
    - David Levithan, Every Day
  5. "She's cinematic and I'm a fucking sitcom."
    - Rachel Cohn & David Levithan, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
  6. "Even the silence has a story to tell you. Just listen. Listen."
    - Jacqueline Woodson, Brown Girl Dreaming
  7. "How can I explain to anyone that stories are like air to me, I breathe them in and let them out over and over again."
    - Jacqueline Woodson, Brown Girl Dreaming
  8. "But on paper, things can live forever. On paper, a butterfly never dies."
    - Jacqueline Woodson, Brown Girl Dreaming
  9. "I can't be in love with every hot movie star; it's exhausting."
    - Katie Heaney, Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date
  10. "That day, watching that episode with Rylee, I said to her, “That is what I need. Drugs.” And, much to my surprise, she responded, “Oh, well I have some right here.” Apparently, her then-boyfriend had asked to leave a little unopened vial of pot behind with her after visiting one weekend, because he was taking an airplane back home and couldn’t fly
    with it. For five minutes I chastised her for temporarily allowing illicit substances in our home, sullying our apartment’s good name. But then she said to me, “I think what we need to do, for you to feel better, is to get high and play Dream Phone.” And there wasn’t really much to think about, right then. I told her, “That is a really good idea." - Katie Heaney, Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date
  11. "I'm not trying to be self-righteous about that, but I am literally the best friend a person could ask for and I am a good listener and anybody who doesn't want to be my friend should take a long, hard look at him/herself and whisper, 'What is wrong with me? Why was I born without the capacity to love?'"
    - Katie Heaney, Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date
  12. "Sex is not a wizard, whatever magical-seeming properties it might possess in its better forms. If your friend says to you, "You're being mean, you need to get laid," your problem is not sex. Your problems are that you might be acting like an asshole, and your friends are definitely idiots."
    - Katie Heaney, Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date
  13. "I mean, I always want everyone to kiss me, but I also don't want anyone to ever even think about trying any funny business because I swear to God I will yell and run. It's sort of hard to explain."
    - Katie Heaney, Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date
  14. "A friend of mine once told me a month is about how long it takes to begin seeing another person as another person instead of a character making a cameo appearance in your life."
    - Katie Heaney, Dear Emma
  15. "You're always the person you were when you were born," she says impatiently. "You just keep finding new ways to express it."
    - Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road
  16. "As Robin Morgan wrote so wisely, "Hate generalizes, love specifies". That's what makes going on the road so important. It definitely specifies."
    - Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road
  17. "Also, one of the simplest paths to deep change is for the less powerful to speak as much as they listen, and for the more powerful to listen as much as they speak."
    - Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road
  18. "When humans are ranked instead of linked, everyone loses."
    - Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road
  19. "Decisions are best made by the people affected by them."
    - Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road
  20. "If you want people to listen to you, you have to listen to them. If you hope people will change how they live, you have to know how they live. If you want people to see you, you have to sit down with them eye-to-eye."
    - Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road
  21. "The road is messy in the way that real life is messy. It leads us out of denial and into reality, out of theory and into practice, out of caution and into action, out of statistics and into stories—in short, out of our heads and into our hearts."
    - Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road
  22. "When you love something, you can't be happy all the time, can you? Like, that's why you love it. It makes you feel all kinds of things, not just happy. It can hurt, it can make you fucking mad, but... it makes you feel something, you know?"
    - Emma Mills, First & Then
  23. "Memories: some can be sucker punching, others carry you forward; some stay with you forever, others you forget on your own. You can't really know which ones you'll survive if you don't stay on the battlefield, bad times shooting at you like bullets. But if you're lucky, you'll have plenty of good times to shield you."
    - Adam Silvera, More Happy Than Not
  24. "I’d found out that when you’re never going to see someone again, it’s not the good-bye that matters. What matters is that you’re never going to be able to say anything else to them, and you’re left with an eternal unfinished conversation."
    - Morgan Matson, Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
  25. "It was like swimming under the stars, like sleeping outside, like climbing a tree in the dark and seeing the view. It was scary and safe and peaceful and exciting, all at the same time. It was the way I felt when I was with him. 'Like a well-ordered universe.'"
    - Morgan Matson, Since You've Been Gone
  26. "I looked like someone who'd had a night, and had a story to tell about it."
    - Morgan Matson, Since You've Been Gone
  27. "He’s like a song she can’t get out of her head. Hard as she tries, the melody of their meeting runs through her mind on an endless loop, each time as surprisingly sweet as the last, like a lullaby, like a hymn, and she doesn’t think she could ever get tired of hearing it."
    - Jennifer E. Smith, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
  28. "It wasn't that she was meant to read them all. Maybe someday she would, but for now, it was more the gesture itself. He was giving her the most important thing he could, the only way he knew how. He was a professor, a lover of stories, and he was building her a library in the same way other men might build their daughters houses."
    - Jennifer E. Smith, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
  29. "Maybe growing up was really nothing more than growing away: from your old life, from your old self, from all those things that kept you tethered to your past."
    - Jennifer E. Smith, This Is What Happy Looks Like
  30. "In friendship we are all debtors. We all owe each other for a thousand small kindnesses, for little moments of grace in the chaos."
    - Emery Lord, The Start of You and Me
  31. "If we could capture feelings like we capture pictures, none of us would ever leave our rooms. It would be so tempting to inhabit the good moments over and over again. But I don't want to be the kind of person who lives backwardly, who memorializes moments before she's finished living in them."
    - Emery Lord, Open Road Summer
  32. "It takes a long time to learn someone. It takes a long time to see a person as a whole spectrum, from worst to best—from the mismanaged heartache that lands them in AA to the pancake dinners, from the hurtful things shouted in a dressing room to the huge-hearted strength that only a best friend can understand. Once you get there, it’s forever."
    - Emery Lord, Open Road Summer
  33. "I swear his looks are pure Darwinism. If he wasn't so cute, someone would have killed him for being annoying by now."
    - Emery Lord, Open Road Summer
  34. "Even the constellations can see us now: we are seventeen and shattered and still dancing. We have messy, throbbing hearts, and we are stronger than anyone could ever know."
    - Emery Lord, When We Collided
  35. "And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."
    - Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  36. "So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them."
    - Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  37. "She wasn't bitter. She was sad, though. But it was a hopeful kind of sad. The kind of sad that just takes time. "
    - Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflowe
  38. "If someone’s takeaway from this story is “Felicia Day said don’t study!,” I’ll punch you in the face. But I AM saying don’t chase perfection for perfection’s sake, or for anyone else’s sake at all. If you strive for something, make sure it’s for the right reasons. And if you fail, that will be a better lesson for you than any success you’ll ever
    have. Because you learn a lot from screwing up. Being perfect . . . not so much. Oh, and make sure if you're working hard at something it's in a subject you actually want to remember something about ten years later." - Felicia Day, You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
  39. "Your qualification for finding a place to belong is enthusiasm and passion, and I think that’s a beautiful thing."
    - Felicia Day, You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
  40. "But the heart of my story is that the world opened up for me once I decided to embrace who I am—unapologetically. My story demonstrates that there’s no better time in history to have a dream and be able to reach an audience with your art. Or just be as weird as you want to be and not have to be ashamed. That lesson’s just as legit."
    - Felicia Day, You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
  41. From Jandy Nelson's I'll Give You the Sun:
    "'Or maybe a person is just made up of a lot of people,' I say. 'Maybe we’re accumulating these new selves all the time.' Hauling them in as we make choices, good and bad, as we screw up, step up, lose our minds, find our minds, fall apart, fall in love, as we grieve, grow, retreat from the world, dive into the world, as we make things, as we break things."
  42. "It was like he's discovered a whole new color spectrum. It was like he'd found another galaxy of imagery. It was like he'd replaced me."
    - Jandy Nelson, I'll Give You the Sun
  43. "It's never occurred to me that the stars are still up there shining even in the daytime when we can't see them."
    - Jandy Nelson, I'll Give You the Sun
  44. "Quick, make a wish. Take a (second or third or fourth) chance. Remake the world."
    - Jandy Nelson, I'll Give You the Sun
  45. "She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something."
    - Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park
  46. "He kissed her like he knew exactly who she was."
    - Rainbow Rowell, Landline
  47. "It's a lot easier to be lost than found. It's the reason we're always searching and rarely discovered--so many locks not enough keys."
    - Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key
  48. "What is family? They were the people who claimed you. In good, in bad, in parts or in whole, they were the ones who showed up, who stayed in there, regardless. It wasn't just about blood relations or shared chromosomes, but something wider, bigger. We had many families over time. Our family of origin, the family we created, and the groups you
    moved through while all of this was happening: friends, lovers, sometimes even strangers. None of them perfect, and we couldn't expect them to be. You can't make any one person your world. The trick was to take what each could give you and build your world from it." - Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key
  49. "Home wasn't a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go."
    - Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye
  50. From Sarah Dessen's What Happened to Goodbye:
    "Outside, the ocean was crashing, waves hitting sand, then pulling back to sea. I thought of everything being washed away, again and again. We make such messes in this life, both accidentally and on purpose. But wiping the surface clean doesn't really make anything neater. It just masks what is below. It's only when you really dig down deep, go underground, that you can see who you really are."
  51. "What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met."
    - David Levithan, Love is the Higher Law
  52. "We love and we feel and we try and we hope."
    - David Levithan, Love is the Higher Law