1. Which is truthfully about 48 weeks longer than I thought I would be.
  2. And as I recently began to see others li.sting about their one year li.staversaries, I began to wonder how I wanted to mark my own.
  3. Did I want to do the biggest trivia li.st I've ever done?
    Not really. [Although @kcupcaker might be happy to know I've got a new installment planned for this Friday.]
  4. What about my ultimate movie recommendation li.st?
  5. How about another installment of 99 Li.sts I Love?
    I could, but what if people get tired of me tagging them in that?
  6. Maybe a numerical breakdown of my time on Li.st and/or a greatest hits package of my best Li.sts?
    Ehhhh, I'm too lazy to devote the brain power to figuring out how many likes I get per li.st or to remember how many times I've trended while the thought of picking out my best lists kind of makes me clammy. (Then again, that could just be my cold...)
  7. Did I even really want to do anything at all?
  8. My cold voted to just let it quietly pass by without notice, but my heart? Well, my heart insists I would regret it. And who knows, maybe it's right.
  9. Either way though, it got me thinking about all things that have happened over the course of my year here.
  10. I mean I have laughed and I've cried and I've had my heart cracked open and sewn together again by the words and stories you each share here everyday.
  11. I've shared trivia and movie recommendations and have gotten to nerd out with others over the things (books, Star Wars, Disney, etc) that made me unpopular back when I was in school, all while sprinkling pieces of myself throughout.
  12. I've been followed and unfollowed, the latter of which I used to take a little harder than I should probably admit, and I've seen my timeline, not just here, but also on Twitter and Instagram come to life because of y'all.
  13. I've watched as our world got a whole lot bigger with the arrival of Android users and felt it grow smaller with the loss of one of our own.
  14. I've discovered soul sisters (@musesofamustardseed and @nikkilounoel), and found not just my best film friend forever (@Diplomatic_diva) but my fellow musketeers (@veshecco, @marginally_amazing, and @dreadpiratemama) as well.
    Not to mention the fact that I've connected with people that— while within driving distance of me—I probably would have never found without this place.
  15. I witnessed @k8mcgarry's big move out to the west coast, the demise of the retweet button and chronological timeline (still not cool Li.st!), people come out and embrace who they are, and a whole slew of other sentences and paragraphs that help make up the story of your lives.
  16. And I've gotten to travel and experience things without ever leaving home thanks to you guys and I've had to fight the urge (usually unsuccessfully) to buy/subscribe to ALL THE THINGS you each create.
  17. I've also been lucky enough to receive pep talks comments from @DG, @alligeeshow and @Heartsounds that helped fill in a crack or two in my own heart and have tried to pay forward their kindness by letting others know that I care.
  18. And yes, I'll even admit to giving myself a high-five when I once saw the notifications that I had been followed by @joemurphy and @marymurphy.
  19. But most of all, I've felt like I mattered here, and in a year that's been filled with greys and sharp edges and change that's meant more than I could ever put into words.
  20. So here's to one year down and the next ones to follow. May they be filled with the same beautiful, funny, heartfelt chaos as each of us here.
    "But it was okay to not fit in everywhere, as long as you did somewhere." — @sarahdessen, The Truth About Forever
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