Requested by Chrissy

If I Could Live In Any Time Period, I'd Choose...

Many, many thanks to the fabulous @marginally_amazing for this request and for trying to help me through my li.ster's block. You da best. 💛 And to everyone else: if you've got requests, I'm open to them.
  1. If I had written this right when Chrissy first requested it, chances are pretty good that my answer would have ranged anywhere from the '40s-'60s. If not then, I totally would have gone with the '80s (which is probably kind of cheating since I actually am [barely] a baby of that decade).
  2. But the more I sat there and thought about it, the more I started to realize that I probably wouldn't choose to cash in a time travel ticket to live in any of those time periods.
  3. Don't get me wrong— I still have a love/fascination with them all and there are moments* from each that I wish I could somehow, some way experience for myself but, like I said, none of them are really the kind of time period I would team up with Dr. Emmett Brown to go back to.
    *— the golden age of Hollywood, seeing "I Love Lucy" during its original run, sock hops and drive-ins, the moon landing, etc.
  4. So if not any of them, then when?
  5. The Middle Ages?
  6. Yeeeeah, I'm not really interested in the possibility of dying a terrible death courtesy of the bubonic plague. Also, I really, really like my indoor plumbing and electricity.
  7. So what about during the height of the Renaissance? After all, wouldn't it be sort of cool to live during the same time period of historical figures like da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Galileo?
  8. Yes, but again, not something I'd eagerly walk away from life in the here and now for.
  9. Feeling even farther away from an answer than when I first read the request, I decided to close it out and go start the Thanksgiving food prep I'd been putting off.
  10. But although I had closed the app out, the question never really did leave my mind. Over and over again I asked myself which time period I would choose until somewhere between unwrapping the million Rolo candies I needed for a dessert and wondering if I could just cancel the whole meal in favor of take out, I found my answer: the 70s.
    (Spoiler alert: I do my best thinking while cooking, baking, and washing dishes. Why? I have no idea other than I just do.)
  11. I know, I know.
  12. What about Watergate, the crappy economy, Jonestown, the Cold War, the Munich Massacre, the oil crisis, and every other terrible/horrific thing that occurred during that decade?
    To be honest, I can't really imagine it. I mean it's one thing to read/hear about them but an entirely different one to have to live through/experience them as they were happening. At the same time, though, no decade/time period has ever passed without some kind of adversity, heartbreak, or unrest.
  13. And let's face it: even with the difficult things that occurred, the 70s still managed to produce a lot of really cool things.
  14. I mean women were kicking some ass.
    Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisholm, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan and Florynce Kennedy were just some of the women helping to shape and lead the feminist movement while others like Isabel Martinez de Perón, Elizabeth Domitien, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, and Margaret Thatcher all held leadership positions.
  15. There were some pretty ah-mazing things happening in science and technology.
    Stephen Hawking developing his theory on black holes and Hawking radiation, the publishing of the first MRI image, the first facelifts, the discovery of "Lucy", the first child born via IVF, the first general microprocessor, pocket calculators, the Sony Walkman, VCRs becoming commercially available, the first email transmission— yeah, it all happened in this decade.
  16. Mary Richards was showing that she could totally make it on her own...
  17. the Not Ready For Prime-Time Players were live from New York on Saturday night...
  18. ...and Wonder Woman was busy saving the day.
  19. And let's not forget that Carol Burnett and her co-stars were still giving their master class on comedy via The Carol Burnett Show...
  20. Flip Wilson's Geraldine Jones was being lead astray by the devil on The Flip Wilson Show...
  21. Sonny & Cher were trading quips....
  22. and HBO broadcast the famed "Thrilla in Manila" fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.
    By the way, HBO launched on November 8, 1972.
  23. Let's also not forget that George Lucas was busy taking audiences to a galaxy far, far away...
  24. Spielberg was making them afraid to go near large bodies of open water...
  25. Dr. Frank-N-Furter had others shaking with antici...pation....
  26. Don Corleone was making people offers they couldn't refuse...
  27. Sandy and Danny were singing about "Summer Night"...
  28. Willy Wonka was giving tours of his famed candy factory...
  29. Rocky Balboa was running up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and shouting for Adrian...
  30. ...and Regan MacNeil was spinning her head around and vomiting pea soup.
  31. Not to mention that Meryl Streep began her road towards becoming the most nominated peformer in the history of the Academy Awards during this decade.
  32. And the music! Oh, the music!
  33. Granted the period saw the loss of Hendrix, Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Elvis Presley, but what it produced was rather mind-blowing. I mean...
  34. Led Zeppelin?
  35. The Ramones?
  36. Patti Smith?
  37. Billy Joel?
  38. James Taylor?
  39. Yeah, they all emerged and found/started finding success during this time period along with others like:
  40. Blondie
  41. Heart
  42. Stevie Wonder
  43. Carole King
  44. Queen
  45. The Clash
  46. The Sex Pistols
  47. ...a kid from Jersey who would become known as The Boss
  48. ...and the emergence of a new genre called Hip Hop.
  49. And let's face it: we all know I would sell my soul, give up naming rights to my (future) children, and part with every cool thing I own for the chance to see Fleetwood Mac back in the days when they were indulging in everything and watching Stevie Nicks do "Rhiannon" was like seeing an exorcism on stage.
  50. So yeah—as boring as it sounds— if I could choose to live in any time period other than the one I'm living in now, it would be the 1970s.