Free time + too many pictures of my dog= this post.
  1. gizmomimosa705: On Sundays, we mooch. And Mondays...and Tuesdays....and you know, any other day that ends in 'y'.
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  2. gizmomimosa705: This whole adulting thing really bums me out.
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  3. gizmomimosa705: The book was *so* much better than the movie.
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  4. gizmomimosa705: I often find the solutions to life's biggest problems at the bottom of the laundry pile.
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  5. gizmomimosa705: [insert deeply insightful quote here]
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  6. gizmomimosa705: I'm never drinking again...
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  7. gizmomimosa705: I like big bones and I cannot lie... #nomnom #bestmealIveeverhad #sostuffed
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  8. gizmomimosa705: #SelfieSunday
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  9. gizmomimosa705: #mcm
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  10. gizmomimosa705: #TransformationTuesday
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  11. gizmomimosa705:a #ThrowbackThursday of that time I tried to sneak my way onto that Greensboro, NC trip.
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  12. gizmomimosa705: Hangin' with bae 😍
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  13. gizmomimosa705: 💛💛💛💛💛💛 #bestfriend #iloveher @kaydbug89
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    kaydbug89: I love you, too! Let's get together soon.
  14. gizmomimosa705: Ugh. I swear if she's not back in the next ten minutes, we're leaving without her.
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