Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. the Harry Potter series
    I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it but I only made it midway through the fifth book before I quit reading them. I know, I know but—in my defense—school was starting and required reading that affected my grades was far more important than Harry and the gang. Sadly, by the time I picked it back up again, too much time had passed and I couldn't find my groove again. It's taken me a bit, but I'm finally ready to start—and finish—the series again.
  2. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
    I don't know why but I suddenly got the urge to watch this. Of course it wasn't streaming anywhere so I had to find the DVDs which led to me finding about ten other shows from my childhood that I now want to watch. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  3. The Splat on Teen Nick
    I started watching one night because I couldn't find anything else on TV and now it's just become part of my nightly routine to spend some time with the gangs from "Rugrats" and "Hey Arnold!"
  4. Bob's Burgers
    I alternate between this and "Futurama" when I can't sleep at night. (To my great sadness, though, I read recently that the Belcher gang will be leaving Netflix on April 1st. ☹️)
  5. new books
    Do I need more books? Probably not, but there are so many great ones being published every week that my To Read list is almost as long my To See list. (That said, though, I've placed a ban on new books until I either cut down on some of my TBR pile or June rolls around.)
  6. Moana
    I **finally** watched this Friday night and I've fallen so madly in love with it that it's now in the running for my favorite Disney movie. 😍
  7. Lucky Charms
    I have an on-off relationship with cereal that right now is very, very ON.
  8. homemade Chick-n-minis
    The fact that I never ever seem to want these until after breakfast hours forced me to take matters into my own hands... and, um, kitchen.
  9. Cheetos Sweetos
    Take my word: they're every bit as addictive as the regular cheese flavored ones.
  10. the La La Land soundtrack
    What can I say— FINALLY tracking down the exclusive blue vinyl had only intensified my love for this soundtrack. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. cleaning out and organizing
    Because the world is such a chaotic mess right now, I've felt an extra strong urge to take control of the things I can, which— in this case— means my bookshelves, closet, cabinets, etc.
  12. new adventures
    Spring being just around the corner means that book events, concert schedules, and my own wanderlust are all going to start really cranking up soon.
  13. The new Wonder Woman trailer
    I admit that the DC movie universe has already burned me twice with Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice but the new trailer and the fact that it's being helmed by a female director has given me a lot of hope for this. (It also probably doesn't hurt that Wonder Woman happens to be my favorite superhero.)
  14. making (mostly) delicious messes in the kitchen
  15. this gif from Center Stage (2000)
    I found it to use in a reply to something @sarahdessen posted on Twitter and I've been trying to figure out how to slip it into as many conversations/things as possible since.
  16. my March Madness bracket
    And for all those who placed bets that the name of my March Madness bracket would reference some type of movie, please collect your winnings at window two. 🏀
  17. You.
    Like I told @dreadpiratemama on Twitter— whatever happens and wherever we go from here, I hope you all know just how much I adore and appreciate you. After all, you not only scooted over to give me a place at the lunch table but you've given me more laughter than I could ever count, shoulders to catch my tears, and friendships that I feel like can— and probably will— last a lifetime. And for that, I'm truly grateful. 💛
  18. the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack
    I've listened to this several times since seeing the movie last week and I have to say that I really am kind of mad for it and the way that even the new songs written for the film still feel like they have that Howard Ashman's magic.
  19. the Broadway cast recording of Beauty and the Beast
    I was going to write something about how seeing the new film caused me to pull out my copy of the Broadway cast recording but let's be honest: I listen to this *at least* once a week. (Susan Egan, by the way, is not only incredibly talented but also incredibly sweet.)
  20. Grace and Frankie— Season Three
    Y'all. This just further confirms that Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are national freaking TREASURES.
  21. Broadchurch— Seasons 1 and 2 [Netflix]
    I've been trying to soothe the sting/my bitterness over not being able to watch the new series/season by going back and rewatching the first two. (And if you haven't ever seen it, all I can say is get thee to Netflix.)
  22. adding to my collection of art books
    Thanks to patience and some killer sells/finds, I've been able to make quite a few additions to my collection. The downside? I have no room on my bookshelves. 😬
  23. Carrie Fisher's The Princess Diarist
    It's taken me a while to work up to (finally) reading this and although it makes me sad at times to remember she's gone, it's so gloriously bright and funny and open and...just Carrie. 💛
  24. Pookie
    He's my dad's little buddy but he and I have been spending a lot of time together the last few days because we've both been down and out with back injuries. 🙍🏻
  25. Mo
    Let's just say that someone in this picture has been a little green with envy the last few days (which hurts my heart but which I *might* also find a bit hilarious).