Inspired by @lexie_elyse, @DG, @kiraandlulu, @kate81, @aj_oppen, @jhope71, and everyone else.
  1. Static
    I noticed my copy was scratched and skipping so off to Amazon I went to replace it only to almost have a heart attack at the $35 price tag. After a little investigating, I found out that it had gone out of print at some point. ☹️ Luckily, I found one from a third party seller for less than $8. #winning
  2. Static
    Necessary for my in-depth study of Michelle Pfeiffer's film career.
  3. Static
    A desperate need for DVR space finally caused me to break down and replace my copy.
  4. Static
    I planned on returning this because it wasn't quite what I wanted but somehow ended up getting a little paint on it so now I'm stuck with. 😑
  5. Static
    Normally I get my records at my local indie shop but the allure of a signed copy just proved too much.
  6. Static
    Bought because I just had this great urge to watch only to find out both my DVD and VHS copies were missing and none of the 47 streaming services I subscribe to had it.
  7. Static
    A what-the-hell purchase when I bought One Fine Day. Is it the greatest thing you'll see? Probably not. But it's cute and sweet and confirmed that one of the reasons why I'm still single is because I haven't found a guy like Paul Rudd yet.
  8. Static
    In a revelation that surprises nobody, I collect movie stuff and given my love of Audrey Hepburn, this was a complete and total no brainier. (P.S. If you decide you also need a little mini Audrey Hepburn for your desk, I recommend either waiting for Amazon to get their full shipment in or buying it in a store because it shouldn't cost you more than $12.)
  9. Static
    My mom insisted on ordering this on my behalf in an attempt "to save money". Spoiler alert: my phone hasn't worked in over a week now.
  10. Static
    I was going to work on this as a distraction when I couldn't sleep at night. How's it going, you ask? I got the outside border put together and haven't touched it since. 😬