*β€” And by date them, I mean their real-life counterparts. πŸ’› πŸ“β€”One of the titles from the email of (non-working) links of my drafts that was sent to me.
  1. 15.
    Honorable Mention: Ambrose from Once and For All (2017)
    I haven't actually "met" Ambrose yet so I don't know what his real life counter part would be like or where he would fall on this list.
  2. 14.
    Rogerson Briscoe from Dreamland (2000)
    A broken guy who would leave the girl he was seeing with a lot more than a broken heart.
  3. 13.
    Theo from The Moon and More (2013)
    If not for Rogerson, Theo would most certainly be at the very bottom of this list. I mean I totally get the allure of someone who brings a whole new series of experiences with them and maybe, just maybe the possibility of escaping your hometown but I just didn't *like* him. He wasn't charming or really all that thoughtful and his whole "best moment ever" bit would totally drive me bonkers after a few days.
  4. 12.
    Macon Faulkner from Someone Like You (1998)
    He definitely fulfills that role of the guy who would keep your father up at night but he's also not the kind of guy I would trust to protect my heart or put my needs/happiness above his own.
  5. 11.
    Sumner Lee from That Summer (1996)
    He's sweet, goofy and could always be counted on for a good laugh but I also feel like there would always be some level of insecurity and trust issues between us.
  6. 10.
    Jason Talbot from The Truth About Forever (2004) and What Happened to Goodbye (2011)
    The Jason from The Truth About Forever was a boring, self-centered diβ€” erm, jerk. He was a jerk. 😬 The Jason from What Happened to Goodbye seems like he would be a fun fling but not quite the guy I'd want to build a future with yet.
  7. 9.
    Luke from The Moon and More (2013)
    The perfect first love who would leave a smile on my heart long after we've said goodbye.
  8. 8.
    Nate Cross from Lock and Key (2008)
    He's dependable and seems like he would be the kind of guy to show up on my front doorstep with chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, a box of cold medicine, and a stack of movies when I'm sick.
  9. 7.
    Norman from Keeping the Moon (1999)
    The quiet, quirky artist part of him would be what catches my attention but it's the attention he pays to small details like my preference for the blue Sweetarts and the way I hum "Landslide" when I'm nervous that would win my heart.
  10. 6.
    Owen Armstrong from Just Listen (2006)
    I admit that his past anger issues would make me apprehensive about him but his deep love of music and commitment to change would convince me to give him a chance.
  11. 5.
    Dave Wade from What Happened to Goodbye (2011)
    Is he goofy? Well... yeah but he's also the kind of guy I could count on to be there for me whether it's 10:00 PM or 2:00 AM.
  12. 4.
    Mac Chatham from Saint Anything (2015)
    He would be secure enough in us to give me my own space and let me handle my own problems but still close enough to catch my broken pieces when they fall.
  13. 3.
    Wes from The Truth About Forever (2004)
    Do you know what'sβ€”for lack of a better wordβ€” hotter than a bad boy? Answer: a bad boy who's become a man capable of positively contributing to society while still maintaining some of that menace to society edge. And did I mention he's an artist? To quote my friendβ€” *SA-WOON*.
  14. 2.
    Dexter Jones from This Lullaby (2002)
    I feel like I should confess that my two most recent crushes (infatuations?) have been guys who could possibly pass as real life counterparts of the clumsy yet terribly charming and open musician. But I think what draws me most to Dexter really is his ability to see a future even when Remy couldn't see a tomorrow.
  15. 1.
    Eli Stock from Along for the Ride (2009)
    Oh, Eli... where do I start? He's thoughtful, dependable, protective, and smart, not to mention that he's the type of guy who would go above and beyond to help give you the kind of memories that make up a full and beautiful life. [Seriously, if I could find my own "Eli", I would probably be married with the grandchild(ren) my mother so desires, living in my own version of Colby.]