Since the always lovely @Diplomatic_diva asked, it seems only fair to fulfill her request. 💛 However, allow me to apologize in advance for the fact that she has absolutely no personality whatsoever. 😄
  1. Static
    What I come home to most days. This is also the reason why I can't keep a set of blinds/shades in the front windows.
  2. Static
    "Are you there God? It's me, MoMo."
  3. Static
    "In the name of all things wonderful and grand, please don't let her put this on Instagram."
  4. Static
    Probably plotting my demise.
  5. Static
    Don't worry— her enthusiasm for me has since dwindled.
  6. Static
    The Year she was Mr(s). Peabody for Halloween. (Spoiler alert: the glasses didn't last long.)
  7. Static
    May we all find this level of happiness/enthusiasm.
  8. Static
    I, too, often find solace at the bottom of the laundry pile.
  9. Static
    We're still working on the basics of hide and go seek.
  10. Static
    While getting dressed one day, I stepped across the hall to grab something and came back to find she had gotten stuck in the sleeve of my shirt.
  11. Static
    The day she duped my brother's dog out of his bone, which let's face it isn't that hard because he's sweet but kind of a moron.
  12. Static
    Spoiler alert: she wasn't even slightly sorry.
  13. Static
    I used to say that I wanted someone who loved me as much as my dog but quit after she broke out of her pen on two consecutive days.
  14. Static
    "If she's not back in five minutes, we're leaving without her."
  15. Static
    "What do you mean I can't go? Don't they understand that you and I are a package deal."
  16. Static
    She apparently wasn't a fan of Stitch.
  17. Static
    "Sorry I'm not sorry about tearing up another shade."
  18. Static
    If I don't acknowledge you then I can't hear you telling me to get off the couch.
  19. Static
    How we left my grandmother's house one rainy night because my gram was worried Mo would get wet.
  20. Static
    For reasons I will never understand, she likes to ride in the laundry cart. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  21. Static
    Mo demonstrating the proper way to spend a snow day.
  22. Static
    Telling my grandmother all the ways I've been mean to her.
  23. Static
    Sun's out, tongue's out. 🐶🌞
  24. Static
    "You can't sit with us."
  25. Static
    The midweek slump hit hard, y'all.
  26. Static
    Sticking her tongue out at one of the other dogs because my dad slipped her a piece of ham.
  27. Static
    It never fails— I lay down in the floor and within a minute, I feel a scratch/nudge on my arm from my little shadow. (P.S. Please ignore the hair on the carpet. We're in the middle of the Great Shedding of 2016.)
  28. Static
    Standing her ground in the battle for chair supremacy.
  29. Static
    While working on a project outside, I turned around to find her hanging out on the old patio set because of course.
  30. Static
    Her response to me telling her it's time to leave my grandmother's house. But let's be honest— I kind of feel that way too sometimes.
  31. Static
    "Alright, Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up."
  32. Static
    Summing up how I felt about going out to do my Christmas shopping.
  33. Static
    She's become a *big* fan of the Christmas tree this year. So much so that if she's not lying directly under it, she's laid somewhere where she can still see it.
  34. And in order to keep this as up to date as possible, this is the view I have of her right now:
    I did once consider making her her own Instagram account until I realized 80% of the content for mine would be gone if I did.
  35. After realizing I hadn't seen her in a while, I went looking for Mo only to find she had tucked herself into my bed because I guess hers wasn't good enough. 🙄
    [Let's ignore the fact that my pillow cases don't match my sheets. I have a theory that someone (*cough*Mo*cough*) pulled them out of the laundry and has hidden them.]
  36. Static
    Her when I asked her what she thought she was doing.