Confession: I had planned to post another trivia list today, but I was just too tired to finish it. So instead here are some things about my quick trip that I might one day want to look back on.
  1. A late start
    I love my mother more than I could ever adequately put into words, but the woman has the sense of time of a clock with a dead battery. So instead of leaving at noon like I wanted to, we ended up hitting the road at two. It's because of this and road construction that pushed us back even further behind that I ended up shedding a lot of frustrated tears when I looked up to see that it was six o'clock (the event start time) and we were still at least thirty minutes away.
  2. my debit card finally bit the dust
    There's no better reminder that you need to call and order a new debit card than handing your card over to the cashier only to receive it back in two separate pieces. 😬
  3. Static
    I saw my favorite band ever (Fleetwood Mac) for the first time here, have met some of my all-time favorite people here, and it's the place my mom called home from ages 2 to eleven. Maybe that's why this place has such a special place in my heart.
  4. the Cat's Cradle
    It's a music venue in Carrboro, NC that's hosted everyone from folk icon Joan Baez to legendary hip hop group Public Enemy and grunge gods Nirvana. So actually having the chance to visit it (even if it wasn't for a concert) was like another slice of heaven for this music junkie. (Sadly, in all the chaos I didn't remember to take a picture. 😕)
  5. Static
    The only thing better than meeting people you admire is meeting people you admire and finding out that they really are the coolest and sweetest people ever. (The list about that can be found here: I MET FELICIA DAY YESTERDAY!!)
  6. Static
    Although I got two paperback copies with my tickets, I decided to get my hardcover copy personalized. With that being said, though, she was still kind enough to sign the two paperback copies, too. (So now I have three signed copies of the same book. 😄)
  7. Static
    I've listed before about how Johanna and I became friends (it can be found here: THAT TIME I TRAVELED FOUR HOURS TO MEET ONE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS) but the basic gist is that I sent an email about a book and ended up finding one of my favorite people ever. In fact, I *so* adore her that I didn't sit down at the table where Felicia Freakin' Day was waiting until *after* I'd hugged Johanna. I mean don't get me wrong- I I absolutely adore Felicia, but Johanna's my girl.
  8. I had to seek out the Wal-Mart in Chapel Hill because in all the insanity, I forgot to pack something to sleep in.
    For the record, it's exactly like the one here except instead of Clemson and Gamecock stuff, it's all Tar Heel.
  9. Storytime at the bookstore
    I didn't actually plan to show up during this, but my gosh am I glad I did because getting to see and hear Johanna in her element as she read and interacted with her story group is easily one of my most favorite things from this trip.
  10. Pickups from Flyleaf Books:
  11. Static
    A shirt that I'm wearing today in a (pitiful) attempt to extend the magic of the last two days just one. more. day.
  12. Static
    I hadn't heard of this one, but ended up getting it because of Johanna's recommendation card.
  13. Static
    After I decided not to see Springsteen, I had to decide whether I was still going to make the trip up to see Emery Lord or if I was going to wait and see Felicia Day. In the end, I ended up going with Felicia because while I *adore* Emery, I felt like I'd regret missing Felicia more.
  14. Static
    After going head over heels for The Wrath and the Dawn, the sequel was a complete and total no-brainer.
  15. Static
    I finally remembered to pick up a set of these ultra cute stickers, but because Johanna's a sweetheart, she gave me a few extras to giveaway.
  16. Static
    She also gave me a few extra bracelets and an entire pack of the advertisement cards that were used for Sarah's latest, Saint Anything (which hits stores in paperback on May 31st). Now what am I going to do with all those cards? Well, I left some tucked under the edges of cork boards and picture frames on the trip home while the rest I plan to post/handout around Greenville/Anderson in the hopes that she'll hit Greenville one day on a book tour.
  17. Carrburritos
    When I asked for suggestions on places to eat, Sarah told me that eating here was a must, and she's right- it is a *must*. But I'll also forewarn you that one of the side effects is that you'll crave it, which is really only a problem if you don't live nearby. *sigh*
  18. Nostalgia Hit Hard in the Disney Store
    I didn't realize how much I missed having a Disney Store in my local mall until I stepped into the Disney Store at the Concord Mills Mall and my own childhood memories of carefully choosing Dalmatian plushes and picking up preordered VHS copies of their classics came flooding back. I guess it's true that you never really do outgrow the things you truly love.
  19. Pickups from the Disney Store:
  20. Static
    I've needed a new phone case for a while and while I don't see this being my every day case, it's a fun thing to have to pull out on those days when I need a little fun.
  21. Static
    My gram started my doll collection when I was really young and although I don't add on to it much anymore, I couldn't quite resist this one because a) I loved the Disney's live action version of Cinderella and b) it was on clearance for $9.99.
  22. Static
    I don't drink tea or coffee so I don't really have a use for this Zootopia mug, but it was just way too cute to leave it behind.
  23. Static
    (This deserved a second photo just so you could see how cute it was.)
  24. I picked these up at a store, but couldn't tell you where to save my life.
  25. Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Travel Luck
    My last trip home from Chapel Hill included a reroute that added an extra hour on to the trip. This time, there was a wreck (everyone was okay, by the way) that left us sitting in bumper-to-bumper, (mostly) standstill traffic for an hour. In short, I'm beginning to think I'm just not meant to visit CH anymore. 😐
  26. Being greeted by this girl as soon as I opened the door
    Trips/visits are nice, but home isn't quite so bad either. =)
  27. And you know, although it didn't feel like it when I bought this on Wednesday, everything did-in fact- turn out to be okay in the end.