1. ...walk five miles out of her way to avoid having to talk to someone she went to high school with.
  2. ...fall for the emotionally unavailable guy.
  3. ...lock herself in the bathroom to finish reading a book.
  4. ...spend all her money on books, movies, or vinyl records.
  5. ...utter a string of curse words when she stubs her toe or cuts her finger.
  6. ...get down in the floor and play with the kids.
  7. ...give you a book for your birthday.
  8. ice cream or cereal for dinner.
  9. ...wash up the dirty dishes in the sink.
  10. ...listen to music while she cooks.
  11. ...throw movie quotes into an everyday conversation.
  12. to respond to a message in a timely manner.
    Confession: usually I read them and then something happens that causes me to forget to respond.
  13. ...sneak off to a movie on a weekday afternoon.
  14. ...draw on walls, old toasters, etc.
  15. ...fill up her phone with pictures of sunsets, her dogs, and old photos of celebrities from Hollywood's Golden Age.
  16. ...nerd out over something you have in common.
  17. ...send you snail mail and care packages "just because".
  18. ...fall down a hole of information when she only went to look up one thing.
  19. ...trip over her own feet and words.
  20. it out.
  21. ...not sleep.
  22. ...miss any and all signals of flirtation.
  23. ...shout at the television.
  24. ...pick out and eat all of the blue SweeTarts.
  25. books despite having a To Be Read pile that's as high as she is tall.
  26. her favorite television shows over and over and over again.
  27. ...have pen/pencil marks on her hands and paint under her fingernails.
  28. ...reply to you with a gif.
  29. ...make fun of her brother while also being ready to rip someone apart if they mess with him.
  30. ...jump in the car and say "Let's go" at the mere mention of a road trip.
  31. ice cream right out of the carton.
  32. ...overthink.
  33. ...celebrate your successes.
  34. ...cut herself down and carry around guilt.
  35. ...give you a shoulder to cry on.
  36. ...refuse to try on clothing at a store.
  37. ...doodle in margins.
  38. ...start every personal correspondence with "Hello Gorgeous".
  39. ...spout off random bits of trivia.
  40. ...hum "Landslide" when she's nervous/overwhelmed.
  41. ...make a wish on stars, 11:11, and pennies tossed in fountains.
  42. caught daydreaming.
  43. ...whipping up something in the kitchen.
  44. ...laugh loudly.
  45. deeply.
  46. ...ask you how your heart is. 💛
  47. ...make a dough in the wee hours of the morning because she can't sleep.
    Spoiler alert: it's for cinnamon rolls that I'm making/finishing later.
  48. ...check behind every shower curtain for Norman Bates.
  49. ...greet you with a song.