I own all of these on VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray and yet there's still a 98.6% chance I'm going to stop and watch them if I see them on TV.
  1. Almost Famous
    I worship at the alter of Cameron Crowe films, but if I *HAD* to pick a favorite of his work, this would be it. (But seriously, please don't make me choose.)
  2. Anything with Audrey Hepburn
    I know this is a very hip* answer for people my age, but it's true. *- Do the kids still say hip? Probably not. (Personal Audrey Hepburn film faves include Funny Face, How to Steal a Million, Roman Holiday, and Two for the Road)
  3. Anything with Lauren Bacall
    She was an icon in the Golden Age of Hollywood and yet still soooo underrated as an actress. (Personal faves include To Have and Have Not,The Big Sleep, Designing Woman, and How to Marry a Millionaire)
  4. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
    This is one I always tell myself I'm going to watch a few minutes of for nostalgia's sake and then the next thing I know the end credits are rolling. Also, The Age of Not Believing chokes me up every single time.
  5. Dirty Dancing
    Nobody puts Baby in the corner. They also don't bypass her while flipping channels.
  6. Easy A
    Olive Penderghast is my spirit animal.
  7. Father of the Bride
    I've been known to watch this movie twice in the same day. I mean, mostly it was because I was too lazy to get the remote, but also because I heart Steve Martin and Diane Keaton.
  8. Father of the Bride, Part II
    One of the few sequels that I love as much as the first movie.
  9. Grease
    Who needs to know Algebra and the plays of William Shakespeare when you know how to bust out in song and synchronized dance moves?
  10. Grease 2
    Say what you will but Michelle Pfeiffer was flawless in this movie. And who could forget that great American classic, "Reproduction"? (Everyone, everyone could forget it and this movie.)
  11. A League of Their Own
    My brother sent me a text at 2AM once telling me this movie was on and do you know what I did? I stayed awake until four watching it. What? It's a sickness.
  12. McLinktock!
    I haaaaaate westerns and yet I've seen this one approximately 54,326 times. And I'll see it 54,327 times if I find it on television. *sighs*
  13. Mermaids
    One word for you: Cher.
  14. Miss Congeniality
    When this first came out on VHS, I watched it every single day for three months. Every. Single. Day. I even had a notebook where I wrote down my favorite lines....What? No, I wasn't very popular, but I don't see what that has to do with anyth....Ooooh.
  15. Sweet Home Alabama
    I should be ashamed at how much I quote this movie. Key phrase: should be.