Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. (I wrote this laaaaate last night only to realize just a minute ago that I chose to save it instead of posting it. Whoops.)
  2. I'm choosing to go with the Veshecco spin on this, which is in five minutes, you have to walk out your front door with only five things.
  3. That's it.
  4. No worrying about practicality or apocalypses or anything like that. Just five prized items that you would walk out your front door with.
  5. So, because of that, I'm not including things like my wallet, phone, keys, camera, sketchbook, or whatever book I'm reading because a) they would reveal just how boring I really am and b) they're things I almost always have with me anyway.
  6. I'm also not including my two dogs because while I feed them, bathe them, clean up after them, and take them to the vet, I just don't see them as being possessions. (That said, they would still come with me because hello, they're pretty big pieces of my heart.)
  7. With all that now excluded, here's what I would take:
  8. a Mirage cd booklet that's been signed by three members of Fleetwood Mac
    I got the cd for cheap because "some moron used it to practice their Stevie Nicks autograph". Once home, I went to pull out the booklet to look at it only to discover that there were two of them. And what was the second booklet hiding, you ask? Try the signatures of Mick Fleetwood & John McVie. So thanks to the person's assumption that the Stevie Nicks signature was fake, I ended up with a pretty cool piece of memorabilia from my favorite band. (It's since been authenticated & properly framed.)
  9. an original pressing of the Buckingham Nicks album
    Like any other record in my collection, I could find this again if I *had* to. I just don't want to. After all, it took me more than six months to find a legitimate copy in decent condition that didn't cost an arm, a leg, a kidney, and the naming rights to my first child. So if I'm leaving, it's going with me.
  10. a box that holds so much of the girl I was, the woman I am, and maybe even one day some pieces of the woman I still hope to become
    Cards, letters, pictures, a tape of home movies, ticket stubs, my first iPod, a high school ring, and a journal that tells of a love that burned bright before ultimately burning out- it's all there and then some. (Yes, I know all those things could be counted as individual items, but I'm choosing to count them as one because they all stay in that one box.)
  11. this external hard drive and the jump drives attached to it (I'm again counting them as one because they stay hooked together.)
    I think almost everything I've written since middle school are on those devices, including a script for an all sock puppet version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and two novels I've written just to prove to myself I could. Not to mention the countless pictures and videos they hold.
  12. this marked up, beat up cookbook of cake recipes
    Have I ever actually used it to make a cake? Well, no. But it's one of the only pieces I have of a grandmother I never got the chance to know which makes it irreplaceable.