Complete with Instagram captions where applicable. [Apologies to my Instagram/Twitter people for the repeat pics.]
  1. Instagram caption: Views from a passenger window.
  2. Instagram caption: Nothing to see here, folks. Just a giant peach in a field.
  3. Instagram caption: "I'm thumbing my way into North Caroline" 🎶 #latergram
  4. Instagram caption: I have reached the point where I'm *over* being in the car. On the bright side: the sunset was pretty this evening. [I also solemnly promise to quit clogging your timelines for the night. 😬]
  5. Instagram caption: Sooooo worth the wait, y'all.
  6. This chicken biscuit was larger than the palm of my hand. It also hurts my heart to know I can't have one tomorrow or the day after that or the day after that...
  7. Instagram caption: I think I could have spent an entire day just walking around, looking at the different murals in and around Chapel Hill. #latergram
  8. Taken while waiting in the parking lot for the event to start.
  9. Instagram caption: No pictures of the food (sorry!) but here's this picture and confirmation that chef Vivian Howard is the bee's knees.
  10. Instagram caption: And hey, hey, hey, look at the sweet friend I found while I was there.
  11. I always take pictures of these signs and send them to my brother with the message that he couldn't have come even if he had wanted to. 😬
  12. Instagram caption: "Reunited and it feels so good" 🎶