As requested by @nathanveshecco
  1. Stevie Nicks— "Landslide"
  2. One of those rare songs that changes with every listen, it's gotten me through triumphs, failures, loves, heartbreaks, losses, family vacations, and more school papers than I could ever count. But more than that I think my deep love for it gives the best insight into my heart and mind as I try to find my place in this world.
  3. Corey Smith— "Carolina"
  4. It's home and no matter where I go or what I see, it always will be because this is the place where my heart lives.
  5. Dusty Springfield— "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"
  6. This was the first song that made me realize that music could be more than something to fill the silence. Instead it could break your heart, make you fall in love, and—in some cases— tell you exactly who you are.
  7. Kacey Musgraves— "Merry Go Round"
  8. My mother's allergic to Mary Kay, my brother isn't hooked on Mary Jane, and my dad better not be hooked on any type of Mary but other than that, this is the song I would point to if anyone ever asked me to describe my hometown.
    Cross my heart and kiss my elbow, I swear that the first two questions you'll be asked after "How are you?" will be about your martial status and whether or not you have kids.
  9. Garbage— "Only Happy When It Rains"
  10. I was such a broken mess of a teenager who only seemed to thrive when she was making the people around her miserable. In the time since those dark years, I've come to better understand that girl and her place in my story but there are still times when I struggle to accept and forgive her for the hurt she inflicted.
  11. Fleetwood Mac— "Say Goodbye"
  12. At twenty-four, I learned the very hard lesson that love isn't all we need. In fact, you can love someone with every single ounce of heart and soul that you have and it still won't always be enough to build a future with them.
  13. And when I realized this, I realized I also had a very hard choice to make— I could either sacrifice my happiness on the rusted blade of love or I could say goodbye. I chose the latter and let go of four years of hellos, goodbyes, and everything that came in between them.
  14. Was it easy? I wish I could say it was, but the truth is I shed a lot of tears and it took every bit of willpower not to go running back to him when those late night calls would come in. But in the end, it was right to say goodbye because we just weren't meant to be each other's happily ever after.
  15. Keith Urban— "I'm In"
    Static (I do have to add that the original was done by Radney Foster)
  16. One of the lasting effects of severe heartbreak is that it's made me a touch weary of opening myself up like that again. And yet despite this, I do my best to keep my heart open in the hopes that I'll meet someone who'll make me say, "I'm in".
  17. Sara Bareilles—"Brave"
  18. I don't know that I'm brave now, but I still have hope that I one day will be.
  19. Kacey Musgraves— "Follow Your Arrow"
  20. This is the basic philosophy I try to live my life by summed up into a three minute and twenty-one second song.
  21. George Harrison— "Here Comes the Sun"
  22. Because even as dark as the world and my view of it sometimes gets, I somehow still have hope that the sun will come around again.