Inspired by @nikkilounoel and everyone else who's done this list.
  1. Gloria Steinem- My Life on the Road
    I admit that the deep admiration and respect I have for Ms. Steinem makes me kind of bias about this one. But even so, this is still a truly fascinating read about the journey that's taken her from a nomadic early childhood spent in the backseat of the family car to the talking circles in India that would equip her with the tools needed to help shape and guide the women's rights movement to becoming the feminist icon we know her as today.
  2. The Graduate
    I started to go with Stanley Donen's tale of the rise, demise, and resurrection of the relationship shared between Audrey Hepburn's Joanna and Albert Finney's Mark in Two For the Road, but ultimately chose to go with Anne Bancroft's flawless performance as a woman who's both regretful and angry at herself for sacrificing the girl she once was on the sword of a life filled with wealth and security. Plus, I kind of feel like everyone should see the famed leg shot within context at least once.
  3. Fleetwood Mac- Rumours (preferably on vinyl, but anything will do.)
    A musical masterpiece born from the ashes of imploding relationships and a haze of alcohol and cocaine, it captures the hope, love, heartbreak, and betrayal of five people thrust into stardom as only the lyrics of the poet, the optimist, and the tortured soul can.