Requested by Brett 7


I loved this idea/request even if it did take me a while to do it. Sorry 'bout that, @BWN_7. 😬
  1. I've been thinking about this request ever since it showed up in my notifications this afternoon and the truth is that even after nine(ish) hours of thought, I still don't feel like I have a great answer.
  2. With that being said, here's what it made me think of:
  3. It made me think of pushing a chair across the kitchen floor in order to stand tall enough to "help" my mom fix dinner and the gentle lull of her voice as she read about a boy named Max and the island filled with monsters who loved him so much that they wanted to eat him up.
  4. It made me think of my dad and Saturday morning cartoons and the gas station we'd always stop at to get Cokes and peanuts on the way home from the orthodontist.
  5. It made me think of the school year I spent walking my younger brother to his kindergarten class and the way he called me Kay-Kay until he was eight.
    (Picture from the days when I actually sort of liked him.)
  6. It made me think of a trip to the animal shelter that resulted in me finding my best friend of the next fourteen years and how much I still miss her now.
  7. It made me remember car rides to JC Penny with my grandmother to pick out Easter dresses and walks to the corner store with my grandpa.
  8. Of summers spent playing outside from sun up 'til sun down and sleepovers that resulted in a threat of three to never let us have another if we didn't go to bed.
  9. It made me think of Easter hunts and Christmas chaos and an uncle who could take even the most ordinary of Tuesdays and make it feel magical.
    "I found her," she cried as she lifted the Baby Bop triumphantly overhead.
  10. Of Power Rangers and make-believe and wishes hung on stars.
  11. So while it's true that I still can't pick *A* favorite childhood memory to relive, I can say with complete certainty that I would be totally okay with reliving any of those.
  12. What?
  13. How can I be so sure?
  14. I guess it's because of the smile that creeps across my lips each and every time I think of them. 😉