Sharing because I've been asked a few times about it, but spoiler alert: I'm no more interesting in any of those places than I am here.
  1. Twitter— kaydbug89
    Warning: I communicate mostly in gifs.
  2. Instagram— kaydbug89
    My account's private but that's to a) keep the people I hated from high school from following me and b) to keep from being bombarded by spam accounts.
  3. Spotify— kaydbug89
    I finally got this so I could (hopefully) help expand a friend's music tastes beyond the songs from High School Musical.
  4. Snapchat— kaydbug89
    Deleted at the moment because a) I only had eight(ish) friends and b) I needed the storage space.
  5. Facebook— deactivated
    But the above was my profile pic before I deactivated it.
  6. Hanging out on the couch with my dogs