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    Note: I haven't quite decided if I'm ready to quit Li.st* or not but just in case I do or anyone decides they are and would like to keep in touch, here are some of the other major places you can find me. đź’›
    *— on the one hand, I'm incredibly frustrated and turned off by the last few updates but on the other, I've connected with some really great people here who may not be involved/as open to sharing on these other platforms. *sigh*
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    Twitter— @kaydbug89
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    Instagram— @kaydbug89
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    Facebook— deactivated
    But I'm pretty sure this was the last profile picture I had there.
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    Spotify— kaydbug89
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    Snapchat— kaydbug89
    Warning: I haven't used it in forever because I never had cool people to follow.
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    Phone number— Eh, I'm terrible at answering/replying to messages because I just really hate the phone
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    Address— the corner of Narnia and Neverland
    But seriously, if you want to be pen pals and I have a clue who you are, you can DM for my address.
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    Filling my lungs with the luscious smell of coffee and books at my local bookstore
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    Going through every single bin at my local record store
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    Making (mostly) delicious messes in the kitchen
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    Devouring movies either at home in the middle of the night or in an empty theater on a random weekday afternoon
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    Taking ***way*** too many pictures
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    Letting loose a loud, somewhat embarrassing laugh
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    Hanging out with Mo and Sweetie