I've been battling a nasty case of the blues since Sunday so making this list is part of me trying to find the happy again.
  1. Two things I crossed off my bucket list this year was seeing Fleetwood Mac- including Christine McVie!- in concert and getting to hear Stevie Nicks sing "Landslide" live.
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  2. Not only was Sarah kind enough to sign my books, she included a sweet note and returned the money I had included to cover the return shipping.
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  3. North Carolina has "been berry, berry good to me."
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    (Bonus if you got the Chico Escuela reference. Extra if you know who Chico Escuela even is.)
  4. Like getting to see my favorite band twice within eight days, this was another one of those OH MY GOSH moments.
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  5. A chocolate chip lava cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream- what's not to love?
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  6. This makes me giggle every time I run across it in my pictures.
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  7. I don't actually know why this makes me happy, just that it does.
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  8. If the sun's setting on one day then it means a fresh day with new possibilities will be here soon.
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