1. I've been trying to come up with a proper tribute to Prince ever since the news of his passing broke two days ago.
  2. I've started multiple lists only to leave them half-finished in the purgatory known as my drafts folder.
  3. I've written even more tweets only to look down and notice that I've gone well over the 140 character limit.
  4. But how do you sum up someone who was as brilliantly bold and vibrant as Prince was?
  5. I mean the man gave us such classics as "I Wanna Be Your Lover," "Little Red Corvette," "1999,"Raspberry Beret," "When Doves Cry," and "Purple Rain".
  6. He won numerous awards including seven Grammys, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar.
  7. Not to mention that his record sales alone total over 100 million albums, making him one of the best selling artists of all time.
  8. So is it any wonder that he earned a place in both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2004) and on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time?
  9. And that's not even counting the "other" things he did.
  10. Things like...
  11. composing and playing the synthesizer parts on Stevie Nicks's 1983 hit "Stand Back", a song which was inspired by his own "Little Red Corvette"
  12. Or writing songs that became hits for other artists like The Bangles' "Manic Monday," Sinead O'Conner's "Nothing Compares 2 U," Cyndi Lauper's "When You Were Mine," Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You," and Alicia Keys's "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?"
  13. Or even going so far as to change the world beyond music by making it okay to explore our sexualities, push the limits of fashion and the "norms" of society, or simply just helping us accept the weirdness within ourselves and others.
  14. But mostly I wonder how how I'm supposed to sum up my feelings into 140 characters or less when I think back to the brokenness that was teenage self and how music was the only reminder I had that I was capable of feeling joy and hope.
  15. Or how his music gave- and still gives- me a bridge of communication with my parents when all other structures have collapsed.
  16. Or the annoying yet lovable way my brother belts out "Purple Rain" every time we pass a local bar that shares the same name.
  17. Or even the first boy I looked over at and thought, "I love you" while "1999" played on the car radio.
  18. And the truth is I. just. can't. do. it.
  19. I can't.
  20. So instead, I'm going to go pull out all my Prince albums and I'm going to laugh and probably cry, and maybe even long for people and moments that have faded into my past. But mostly I'm going to celebrate the talent and passion that made so many contributions to the soundtrack of my life. 💜
  21. "Dearly beloved/ We are gathered here today/ To get through this thing called life/ Electric word life/ It means forever and that's a mighty long time/ But I'm here to tell you/ There's something else/ The afterworld/ A world of never ending happiness/ You can always see the sun, day or night" - Prince, "Let's Go Crazy"