Inspired by @supercommonname and in honor of Star Wars Day, here's my collection.
  1. Hot Wheels:
  2. It's hard to see but these are for various locations (Tatoonie, Hoth, Endor, Jakku, etc) in the saga.
  3. Phone case:
    I bought it shortly before my iPhone 6 bit the dust. 🙁
  4. I do plan to get the others, but I haven't been able to find/pre-order them anywhere.
  5. The clearance section is my friend when it comes to figures like this.
  6. Posters (most of which need framing):
  7. My copy of this is actually sitting at Hot Topic waiting to be picked up. 😬
  8. The lithograph set I got when I preordered The Force Awakens from the Disney Store is underneath.
  9. a 1982 re-release of one the original poster styles created by Charles White III and Drew Struzan
  10. 1980 Topps miniature movie poster
  11. Film Cels:
    It's hard to see but this one just has Leia in it...
  12. ...while this has Leia kissing Han after rescuing him.
  13. The wall clock that I've got to replace the clock piece on:
  14. Original prints from 1977:
  15. my recently acquired Carrie Fisher autograph:
  16. Shirts (and a Mo photobomb):
    I also have a pair of socks somewhere.
  17. My DVDs/Blu-Rays:
    For reasons unknown to me, I haven't quite been able to convince myself to pull the trigger on updating to blu-rays for the original trilogy/prequel trilogy.
  18. Books:
    This helps fill in some of the pieces in the 30 years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.
  19. a tooooon of collectible magazines that I'm too lazy to pull out
  20. My bag that I got from the $1 at Target:
    I use it as an overnight bag for short trips.
  21. My cup that got knocked off the table and cracked (😩) so it'll probably become another pencil/pen cup.
  22. Currently sitting in my sketchbook, waiting on me to decide to finish them:
  23. Newest Additions (5/25/2017):
  24. Clearance prices for the win.
  25. I had a ton of books that have gone missing, so I'm having to replace them along the way.
    The second book in this trilogy is on its way.
  26. I'm in the process of reading Lost Stars right now.
  27. And this is just because it makes me laugh and I'm not really sure where else to post it.