While trying to find a different picture, I ran across these and thought "What the hey, let's make a out of these." (And yes, I'm still clearly struggling for ideas. 😄)
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    My brother modeling his Hazmat suit while my dad and I were trying to put out Christmas decorations a few years ago.
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    Thirteen months later and I still miss her like mad. 🙁
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    My brother hanging out with the Easter Bunny.
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    We pass this every time we go visit my aunt and every time we have to stop for a picture.
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    Yours truly at about eighteen(ish)months old.
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    An old picture of my late grandfather that my grandmother shared with me shortly after he passed.
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    This is what comes up whenever my mama calls me. 💛
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    The second time I ever voted, which was alllll the way back in '12.
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    An old picture of my brother back when he was two or three.
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    I also found a video of her that made me tear up, yes, but also made me laugh.
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    When our then four year old cousin made D stand in the corner because he wouldn't share.
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    Erm, I think this was after a concert. But even if it wasn't, I think it's pretty safe to say I was feeling pretty good with my decisions. 😬
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    "Draw me like one of your French girls."
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    At this point, I think the alternate title of this could have been "selfies I don't completely hate".
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    I seem to have a thing for posing with wooden bears.
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    "I'll be lounging on the couch, just chillin' in my Snuggie."
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    Getting ready for a run-by marshmallowing.
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    What this picture doesn't show was my young cousins laying on the other side of the door, banging their fists and yelling for "Tayla".
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    "Hey, girl, hey."
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    A little Snapchat art.
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    More Snapchat art.
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    Hanging with my giraffe buddy at Hollywild.
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    Funny— I always thought Wonder Woman was a little taller and...well, human.
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    An attempt at deep thought and reflection.
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  30. •
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    Always wear your sunblock, kids, especially...
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    ... if you've bought a sleeveless dress for a friend's wedding.
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    After I taught her to make faces. 😬
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    I mustache ask you if we can still be friends.
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    My brother' dog trying to pilfer a chicken sandwich.
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  37. •
    "Sweetheart, is stand outside your window with a boom box hoisted over my head for you." (In reality, this was the dark day I found out my mom had never seen Say Anything... (1989))