We've almost always done two trees in our household— one with the more fragile ornaments and another that's always been dubbed the fun tree. Here are some of my favorite ornaments from each. [Many apologies that the pictures aren't clearer but I'm much too lazy to get down and turn off the rotating tree bases.] Inspired by
  1. Static
    An ornament from my parents' first Christmas as a married couple.
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    As a way to keep busy while my great-grandmother was receiving treatments for liver cancer, my grandmother made a ton of these little snowflakes and fans (not pictured).
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    I think I was about two here.
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    Growing up (and even now) people fawned over my younger brother and how cute he was so whenever I put ornaments like this on the tree, I always find myself wishing I could go back and tell that kid how cute she was in her own right.
  5. Static
    I was obviously amused by the book I was pretending to read.
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    I believe this one is called "Kayla at age six(ish".
  7. Static
    My brother at about fourteen months, which coincidentally is the last age I remember really liking him.
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    One of the surviving ornaments from the ones my parents bought for their first Christmas.
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    I can't even begin to tell you how heartbroken I was when I opened the ornament tote last year to find that my ornament like this had gotten broken. But after a lot of research and searching, I was able to track down another one just like it.
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    My favorite aunt married a guy in the military so she spent the first couple of years or so of my life living in Alaska and sending me things like this ornament, postcards, etc.
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    I still remember how proud my brother was when he used his own money to buy this for our mom back when we were kids.
  12. Static
    One of a nativity set my grandmother passed down to me last year.
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    My mom always bought us little ornaments like these and had them engraved with our names and the year. When we started elementary school, she started doing the same thing for the kids in our classes as a small gift/keepsake.
  14. Static
    My grandmother used to be a huge Braves fan who had us learning how to chop before we could sit up on our own.
  15. Static
    I had a fascination with the Titanic growing up so when the museum opened in Pigeon Forge it was kind of a no brainer to go.
  16. Static
    The other ornament we picked up on that trip.
  17. Static
    The twin of an ornament I made for some friends who were moving out of state.
  18. Static
    A gift from one of the kids I tutored back when I was in high school.
  19. Static
    We picked this up on clearance at the Disney store at the Concord Mills Mall on our way back from seeing Fleetwood Mac in Greensboro.
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    A repurposed piece from a school project.
  21. Static
    My mom suggested retiring this one when the piece that held the hook quit staying in but I just couldn't bring myself to do. Silly, I know but Power Rangers was such a *huge* part of my early years that it wouldn't feel right not to have it represented in some way, you know?
  22. Static
    Given to me due to my love of cooking and baking.
  23. Static
    The fish from The Cat in the Hat because Dr. Seuss will forever be one of my favorite authors.
  24. Static
    The cat's hat from The Cat in the Hat.
  25. Static
  26. Static
    I loooooved Mickey Mouse growing up so I have a good many wooden ornaments like this one that features Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and the rest gang.
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    Just the fact that we've managed to keep up with the Little balloon pieces earns it a spot here.
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    Of course there's a Star Wars ornament...
  29. Static
    ... and of course you can't have Yoda without having a Vader to help balance the forces of good and evil.
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    A memento from a first love.
  31. Static
    Almost every dog I've ever loved has loved to chew on this ornament.
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    I know it's hard to see but that's a toy soldier I made in the fourth grade.
  33. Static
    An ornament my brother made in kindergarten.
  34. Static
    A representation of Dorothy Jane Torkelson and my own dreams of one day seeing Paris.
  35. Static
    Wayne and Lanny just hanging out at the top of the tree and reminding me that I forgot to put Leopold Sockowitz (aka a sock monkey my aunt gave me) up there with them.
  36. Static
    Mo asleep under the fun tree the other night.
  37. Static
    The fragile/"do not touch" tree