1. "You aren't promised happiness. The only thing you're promised is the right to pursue it."
  2. "Your mother carried you and birthed you. She wiped your snotty nose, chaperoned your field trips, and sat through more school programs than I can remember. For that alone, she deserves your eternal respect."
  3. "If it doesn't matter in six months or a year, it doesn't matter."
  4. "Your brother's a moron, but he's also the only other person in the world who knows what it was like to grow up in our family."
  5. "The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes the brain really does know best."
  6. "There are two proper ways to respond when your momma calls your name and 'what' is not one of them."
  7. "I think that whole thing about being with somebody who looks at you like it's the first time they ever saw you is bullshit. Instead be with somebody who looks at you like they did the first time they realized they were falling in love with you."
  8. "You can always come home. I mean, I may have turned your room into my man cave by then, but I'll let you sleep on the couch."
  9. "It's okay to go to bed angry or walk away from an argument. I mean I know they say not to, but sometimes you need to so that you can calm down and not say/do something you'll regret."
  10. "Music and a sense of humor are going to get you through a lot in life."
  11. "Anger fades, disappointment lingers."
  12. "You wanna know how a guy's going to treat you? Look at the way he treats the other females in his life, from the waitress at the restaurant all the way up to his own mother."
  13. "There are going to be things you aren't able to do because you don't have the skills or knowledge, but very, very, *very* rarely is it because you're a girl."
  14. "Because I don't want you to have to depend on some knight in shining armor or moron in aluminum foil, that's why."
    In response to my inquiries (whining) about why I had to learn to change a tire, use tools, fix a sink, etc.
  15. "Despite what boxes and small minds try to tell you, toys are not a strictly boy or girl thing."
    This came after I told him that I couldn't have the Star Wars toys I wanted because they were "boy toys".
  16. "Look up from your phone every now and then or else you risk missing out on a lot of life."
    This one was directed at my brother, but it's what I think of when I notice that I'm starting to spend waaaaay too much time looking at my screen.
  17. "You'll do a lot of weird crap for the people you love and more often than not, the only explanation you'll have for why you're willing to do it is because you love them."
  18. "I love you, Bug."