The final entry in my unintentional Stevie Nicks series. (Apologies for that, y'all.)
  1. The travel and our section were *so* much better than last time.
    The only time we really had trouble with the travel was when we got caught up in the traffic mess caused by two different wrecks at consecutive red lights. As for our section... what can I say other than they were pretty amazing. At the last minute, my mom decided to go instead of my dad but because she has chronic pain, she wasn't able to get all the way up to our seats. Seeing this, one of the venue workers put us in a closer row where he thought there were two empty seats.
  2. Static
    The only problem was that while there were two empty seats, they weren't the ones he put us in. Needless to say, there was a lot of confusion when the row started to fill up but instead of asking us to move down, the young couple whose seats we were in graciously moved down so that my mom didn't have to try to navigate down the row. In addition to that, the guy I finally ended up sitting beside couldn't have been nicer and *loved* the fact that we were seeing Stevie again.
  3. Before last night, it had been six years since I last stepped foot in the Colonial Life Arena (a.k.a. home of the University of South Carolina's basketball teams).
    Which is why Clemson got upset last night. At least that's what my diehard Clemson brother claims. (In reality though, it's kind of surprising that Clemson had remained undefeated until last night because they've been so terribly sloppy this year.)
  4. It should be criminal how underrated The Pretenders are.
    Once again the place was pretty empty looking when they started their set. Which is really a shame because they're FANTASTIC.
  5. At 65, Chrissie Hynde is so much cooler than I am now or probably ever will be.
    I mean most everybody's cooler than me but hers is a coolness that's cranked up to a thousand.
  6. Please allow me to go ahead and state the obvious: Stevie Nicks is a fucking goddess.
  7. I also stand by my statement that the level of charm, grace, and humor she shows should be illegal.
  8. And remember that bit about knowing your Stevie Nicks catalogue? Yep, I still believe in that one too.
    It was both hilarious and a little sad to watch the phones go up and down based on what song she was doing. "Dreams", "Stand Back", "Gold Dust Woman", "Edge of Seventeen", and "Rhiannon"= a massive glow from all the pulled out cellphones that rivaled the spot lights. "Belle Fleur", "New Orleans", and "If You Were My Love"= people leaving to go to the concession stands
  9. Sadly, she didn't tell quite as many stories as she did in Atlanta.
    One story in particular that I remember her telling in Atlanta was about her being the writer behind Fleetwood Mac's sole number one song in the U.S. and how she still stops and gives herself a thumbs up every time she walks by the plaque in her home. (I really hate that the light behind Chrissie blocked out her face. 🙁)
  10. Despite this, though, it still felt like an intimate, storyteller type of show that just happened to be set in a large venue.
    I really do believe I could listen to her tell stories about her life and songs for the rest of my life without ever growing bored.
  11. One story she did tell involved how she and Prince became friends.
    At its core, it was the standard story about how his song "Little Red Corvette" inspired her to write "Stand Back" but there was definitely an ache in my heart when she talked about how kind he was and how much she missed him and wished he was still here.
  12. She also broke out the original cape worn for the picture that would become the back cover of the Bella Donna album.
    And to quote her quoting her mom, "That was a very good choice in fabric."
  13. Still no "Landslide" but that didn't bother me nearly as much as the people who kept repeatedly screaming for it every time it got quiet or she tried to tell a story.
    I get it. I really do. After all, "Landslide" is my absolute favorite song in the world, but I also understand the need to change and do other things. [I have to say I did kind of love it when the cries for "Landslide" started up again after she finished "Rhiannon" and she started talked about the horror people have whenever she tries to drop it from the set list before proceeding to thank the fans for allowing her to drop some favorites in order to give other songs a chance on the set list.]
  14. I ended up getting the pep talk my heart kind of desperately needed.
    After talking about Buckingham Nicks and singing "Crying in the Night" from that album, she told the crowd that if they—like her— had a passion for something and really believed in it, they shouldn't let anything stand in their way even if "you're in your late twenties or early thirties or whatever".
  15. I'm still trying to figure out who I need to pay/pray to in order to get an official release of the "Stevie Nicks Trio" (Stevie + Sharon and Minnie) version of "Leather and Lace".
    Since she can't have Tom Petty on the road with her to sing his part of "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around", Chrissy Hynde and Waddy Watchel take over his part. Well since she obviously can't have Don Henley there at all times either, she does "Leather and Lace" with her background vocalist like she did on the original Bella Donna tour. And y'all? I think I love it better than the original. Blasphemous, I know but it's just *so* good.
  16. Static
    By the way, did you guys know that "Leather and Lace" was originally written for a planned album by Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter? 'Tis true. Jennings came to Stevie and asked her to write a song around the album's title "Leather and Lace". But once she heard that Jennings and Colter had planned to divorce, she went back to him and told him she couldn't allow him to record her song because she had poured too much of her own experiences with love into it.
  17. Static
    He understood, of course, and gave her back the song which then went into her gypsy trunk (aka the place where all her unrecorded songs go) until she did Bella Donna.
  18. In a slightly funny twist, we accidentally took a wrong exit towards Charleston while coming home from Columbia.
    A little background: I really discovered Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac and Sarah Dessen around the same time period, which is why they always seem to fit together for me. So in 2014, I was supposed to go see Sarah at YALLFest except life kind of got messy and I didn't go. Because of that, I had a promise to get to see her anywhere (within reason) when she went on tour for her then newest Saint Anything...
  19. Static
    ...which I promptly traded away for a second chance to see Fleetwood Mac in Atlanta. Lucky for me, things worked out and I not only got to see Fleetwood Mac, but got the chance to meet and befriend Sarah as well. So let's time hop again to last month when I saw Sarah at the Vivian Howard event and she asked if I was going to YALLFest this year only for me to reply that I had traded it away in favor of seeing Stevie Nicks. (Don't worry- she totally understood... I think. 😬)
  20. It was everything my heart could have wanted and *so* much more.
    I know it's so lame but I really do mean it when I say that a) her songs have so entwined themselves my heart that you could probably hear them echoed in my own heartbeat and b) she's the person I would most like to meet in life if for no other reason than just to tell her thank you. [But let's be honest: it's probably better that I don't because I would almost definitely become a mumbling, bumbling moron in her presence.]