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    The Inspiration Behind This One:
    A few week ago when I was watching the memorial service for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Carrie's friend Gavin de Becker shared a story from their school days when he and several others who had crushes on Carrie decided to try to woo her by learning her schedule and meeting her after each class with a song. Of course Carrie being Carrie didn't fall for any of them, but what she did do was join them in song as they walked down the hallway together to her next class.
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    Why this- of all the stories told that day- stuck out in my mind, I'll never truly know but I have to believe it has something to do with both the soft spot I have in my heart for Carrie Fisher and my own penchant showing up/joining in with a song. πŸŽΆπŸ’›
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    I think it's worth mentioning that my serious level on this list is below 5% although I'll admit you could wiggle your way into my heart if you were the kind of person who would join in on the singing. πŸ˜„
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    "A Lovely Night"
  5. β€’
    "Anything Goes"
  6. β€’
    "Baby, I Love Your Way"
  7. β€’
    "The Best"
  8. β€’
  9. β€’
    "Call Me Maybe"
  10. β€’
    "December, 1963"
  11. β€’
    "Embraceable You"
  12. β€’
  13. β€’
    "Funny Face"
  14. β€’
    "Good Morning"
  15. β€’
    "Heaven Is A Place On Earth"
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    My best friend and I do actually greet each other with the chorus of this one.
  17. β€’
    "Honey Bun"
  18. β€’
    "Hungry Like The Wolf"
  19. β€’
    "Hurts So Good"
  20. β€’
    "I Think We're Alone Now"
  21. β€’
    "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)"
  22. β€’
    "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
  23. β€’
    "Jessie's Girl"
  24. β€’
  25. β€’
    "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off"
  26. β€’
    "Let's Kiss And Make Up"
  27. β€’
  28. β€’
    "My Eyes Adored You"
  29. β€’
    "Puttin' On The Ritz"
  30. β€’
    "Romeo's Tune"
  31. β€’
    "Shall We Dance?"
  32. β€’
    "Some Enchanted Evening"
  33. β€’
    "Somebody's Baby"
  34. β€’
    "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
  35. β€’
    "Who Loves You"
  36. β€’
    "(What A) Wonderful World"
  37. β€’
    "You're The Top"
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    A playlist in case you want to check any of them out for yourself: