Inspired by @ladyprofessor
  1. MUSIC:
  2. The Chainsmokers
    I stumbled across their music a few weeks ago on Spotify and immediately became obsessed with their song "Closer".
  3. Frank Sinatra
    There's something about that first chill in the air that makes me want to listen to Ol' Blue Eyes
  4. John Coltrane
    In my world, the fall season and jazz music are as classic of a pairing as Sonny and Cher, Bogie and Bacall, and peanut butter and jelly.
  5. Miles Davis
    See above.
  6. Stevie Nicks
    To be fair, I'm always into Stevie Nicks but lately I've been digging into her albums in preparation of seeing her next month.
  8. Arrow (Season 4)
    I decided to start watching both Arrow and The Flash when the announcement was made that Supergirl was moving to the CW and that there would be crossovers happening between those three shows and Legends of Tomorrow. It didn't take me long to burn through the first three seasons of Arrow and the first season of The Flash, but I've had to wait until the last week or so for the next seasons to release on Netflix.
  9. The Flash (Season 2)
    My dad's dying for me to finish season two and get caught up to season three.
  10. Speechless
    I admit to being kind of meh about this when I first started seeing previews for it but now it's quickly become one of those shows that makes me hate the wait time between episodes.
  11. This Is Us
    What is there really to say other than I am *madly* in love with this show.
  12. MOVIES:
  13. working my way through as many of my October staples as possible
  14. BOOKS:
  15. Carol Burnett— In Such Good Company
    I haven't started reading this one yet but, given that I'm low-key obsessed with Carol Burnett and her iconic television show, I'm pretty excited about cracking into it.
  16. David Arnold— Kids of Appetite
    If I could climb to the top of the highest building and scream out my praises for this book for all to hear, I would because it's just. that. GOOD.
  17. Jay Asher— What Light (Releases October 18th)
    Another arc that my sweet friend hooked me up with that I loved and can easily that I can easily see becoming a winter/holiday staple.
  18. Nicola Yoon— The Sun Is Also a Star (Releases November 1st)
    Trust me when I say to go ahead and preorder this one from your local bookstore because it. is. INCREDIBLE.
  19. OTHER:
  20. crunching leaves and cool breezes
    We haven't quite yet gotten into a steady rotation of this where I live, but the hints that it's on its way makes my fall loving heart oh so very happy.
  21. dancing it out
    In an attempt to not let the bad moments/days get the better of me. But of course I can't always dance it out, so when those moments arise, I take deep breaths, listen to my mood boost playlist, pull out a copy of my favorite poem, or whatever else gives me a little time to catch my breath and reset my emotions gauge.
  22. easing back into yoga
    Still terrible at it, but whatever. At least I'm doing something that's could for my body and soul.
  23. meditation
    Another thing that I'm terrible at most days, but it's the attempt that counts. Right? (Please say yes.)
  24. viewing the world through a camera lens
  25. planning trips
    I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about the two trips I have planned, and especially because they revolve around four of my favorite things: friends, food, books, and music.
  26. trying to figure out my life and what comes next
    My life has kind of been in a holding pattern for the last year as I've dealt with my depression, anxiety, and a couple of other things. But now that I'm finally starting to feel like myself again, I'm trying to figure out my answer to the dreaded "Where do you see yourself in five years?" question.
  27. writing and editing, editing and writing
    I'm trying to finish up the most recent rewrite of my novel before I start sharing it with people. [This is also known as the reason why my brain has been mush, causing my grammar terrible everywhere else.]