Television Shows I've Binge-Watched Recently

When I'm not filling my sleepless nights with movies and books, I'm binging out on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. (P.S. If there's anything you think I need to add to my queue, please let me know.)
  1. Once Upon a Time (Netflix: Seasons 1-4, Hulu: Season 5)
    There was a two week period where I was *so* sick that all I could do was watch OUaT.
  2. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 2) [Netflix]
  3. Grace and Frankie (Season 2) [Netflix]
  4. The Great British Bake-Off [Netflix]
  5. Arrow [Netflix]
    I've taken an unintentional break from this one, but I will finish it because it crosses over with The Flash too much not to.
  6. Bob's Burgers [Netflix: Seasons 1-5]
    I've been watching this one before I try to go to sleep so that I can end the day on a humorous note.
  7. Lip Sync Battle
    I had an unintentional stockpile of episodes that were eating up space in my DVR.
  8. Grace Under Fire [Hulu: Seasons 1-5]
  9. Catastrophe (Season 2) [Amazon Prime]
  10. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Netflix: Seasons 1-3]
  11. Rizzoli and Isles [Hulu: Seasons 1-6]
    A re-watch triggered by sadness over this current season being the final one.
  12. The Librarians [Hulu: Season 1]
    I *just* finished this one.