And by many, I mean seven.
  1. a zebra with cat whiskers
    Why did I have cat whiskers? Nobody knows, but I look positively thrilled about the whole idea.
  2. Mickey Mouse
    Lisa loved this year, especially when she ended up having to track down a pair of mouse ears on the day of Halloween because her daughter refused to wear the plastic mask that came with the costume. (In my defense, that mask was creepy. It still is creepy. *shudders*)
  3. But despite the mask/mouse ears snafu, I still collected candy like a boss that year.
    At least that's the only reason I can come up with to explain why I'm making this face.
  4. the red Power Ranger
    The Halloween of 1994 was one filled with regret and disappointment....or was it whining? I wanted to be the pink Power Ranger, not "a stupid boy one". But alas there wasn't a pink Power Ranger costume to be found for twenty miles so I was stuck having to collect my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers minis in a "boy's" costume. (Looking back now, I realize I was crazy. I mean, the red Ranger called all the shots so I'd now say heck yeah to that costume.)
  5. the pink Power Ranger
    Having learned from the Halloween before, my mom bought this costume as soon as it hit the shelves and then shot me death glares any time I mentioned wanting to be something else.
  6. a very bedraggled Cleopatra
    This was one my older cousin talked me into wearing it and I *hated* every moment.
  7. Wednesday Addams
    I needed service hours for Beta Club and one of the easiest ways to earn them was working the middle school fall festival. Only problem? I had to have a costume. After failing to find something reasonable in cost while also retaining my dignity, I ended up putting together a Wednesday Addams (think 1960s TV show) costume that I ended up having to wear to a varsity football game because I forgot a change of clothes and couldn't get my car out to run home before kickoff.
  8. I had actually planned to recycle my Wednesday Addams costume like I've done the last several years, but as I went to dig it out of my closet this morning, I decided I wanted to do something that didn't require an itchy sweater and hot wig. But what? After all, the costume aisles have long been picked over.
  9. Then I saw a shirt that I could build a simple yet different costume around without it costing me anything. And so, the Colby Realty employee costume was born.
    Complete with fresh towels (I didn't realize until today that I don't have white towels), handmade bracelet, ring of keys, pack of gum, and an ice cold water bottle. (Sadly, hot boyfriend not included.)
  10. Unfortunately, I haven't taught my dog how to take pictures, but you get the idea.