This is one of those lists that's been sitting half-written in my drafts folder for over a month that I've finally decided to finish because...well, I'm procrastinating instead of finishing All The Things That Need To Be Done Today.
  1. CHER with some comic who couldn't even get a sympathy laugh with the jokes he was telling (October 16, 2003 in Columbia, SC)
    I begged my dad for three weeks solid to go to this concert and it was worth every second. Well the comic wasn't, but CHER (yes, caps are necessary) was. From her grand entrance on the chandelier singing U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" to the final licks of "Believe", she showed time and time again why she's managed to stick around for (now) 50+ years in an industry known for stars who burn bright before ultimately burning out. (This was my first concert ever!)
  2. Alan Jackson with Martina McBride (May 21, 2004 in Greenville, SC)
    If you think Martina McBride sounds incredible on recorded material, you should hear her live. As for Alan Jackson, he sounded great but was kind of boring after a while because all he did was stand there and sing (which to be fair wasn't totally unexpected). The experience as a whole though ended up being kind of miserable because my mom and I went with two of her friends who ended up getting drunk and making enemies of the people around us with their drunken antics.
  3. Tim McGraw with the Warren Brothers (September 10, 2004 in Columbia, SC)
    Tim McGraw was my first celebrity crush so I think there's always going to be a soft spot in my heart for him, but he's also the kind of performer who can pump up a crowd with "Real Good Man" before breaking their hearts with "Don't Take The Girl" only to turn around and have them slow dancing in the aisles to "My Best Friend".
  4. Keith Urban with Little Big Town (November 20, 2005 in Greenville, SC)
    This was back in the days when his hair was long, his looks were a little scruffy, and all of his songs weren't some kind of ode to Nicole Kidman. *That* Keith Urban put on a high energy show that left me with a raspy voice for two days. As for Little Big Town, I think I was one of maybe ten people in the entire building who knew who they were back then. (I've liked them since their self-titled debut so to see all the success they're having now is really awesome.)
  5. Kenny Chesney with Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum (May 21, 2009 in Greenville, SC)
    From Lady Antebellum singing about "Looking For a Good Time" to Miranda Lambert telling us about being "Famous in a Small Town" to Kenny Chesney sharing what happens "When the Sun Goes Down", this one was a non-stop party that explained why Kenny Chesney's tours always seem to make the list of top tours for the year.
  6. Keith Urban with Sugarland (June 17, 2009 in Greenville, SC)
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    Confession: I probably wouldn't have gone to this one if Sugarland hadn't been the opening act. I mean I still loved Keith Urban's music at the time but aside from a couple of new songs and some new graphics, he was basically still doing the same show from four years prior. For their part, Sugarland easily won the night with big hits like "Baby Girl", album cuts like "Genevieve" and even a short cover of Nelly's "Hot in Herre".
  7. Taylor Swift with Kellie Pickler and Gloriana (September 4, 2009 in Greenville, SC)
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    My brother was in looooove with Taylor Swift so our parents got us tickets and I have to say that she was outstanding even back then as a first time headliner.
  8. Martina McBride with Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan (Originally schedule for December 11, 2009 but played May 2, 2010 in Columbia, SC)
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    Upside: It was a fun, high energy concert. Downside: My seat was right in front of the speakers so I spent most of the night trying to get my ears to pop so I could hear clearly.
  9. George Strait and Reba McEntire with Lee Ann Womack (September 16, 2010 in Columbia, SC)
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    I missed most of Lee Ann Womack's performance because I was standing in line at will call to get my ticket (😒), but Reba was fierce and flawless and even brought out Melissa Peterman (aka Barbara Jean from her self-titled TV show) while George Strait was a lot like Alan Jackson- sounded great but kind of boring otherwise.
  10. Lady Antebellum with David Nail (November 14, 2010 in Greenville, SC)
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    It was interesting (in a good way!) to see how Lady A had evolved from opening act to headliner in the time since I had seen them on Kenny Chesney's tour. As for David Nail, he sounded good but I just wasn't a big fan of his music. *shrugs*
  11. The Black Keys with the Flaming Lips (July 12, 2013 in Simpsonville, SC)
    My best friend wanted to go see The Black Keys, but couldn't find anyone to go with her so I agreed to go. After going through three rain delays, standing in line for over an hour and a half just to get inside the venue, taking a hard elbow to the back, and ultimately getting stuck with the cost of both of our tickets, I realized I should have just stayed home or, at the very least, taken the random yet very friendly girl in the parking lot up on her offer of a beer.
  12. Fleetwood Mac (March 17, 2015 in Greensboro, NC)
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    Y'all, I ended up crying on Christmas morning last year because I got a TV instead of the Fleetwood Mac tickets I'd wanted. It was stupid and I felt like a colossal jerk, but I was just so incredibly heartbroken because I was certain I'd missed my only chance to see my favorite band ever. But my tears & heartbreak ended up being for nothing bc my parents surprised me with the tickets for my birthday two months later, a gift that will probably forever be known as the best birthday present EVER.
  13. Fleetwood Mac (March 25, 2015 in Atlanta, GA)
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    They might be in their late sixties/early seventies but Fleetwood Mac's still one of the best musical acts I've seen live, and that's a distinction they earned not with opening acts or huge theatrics but simply by playing their biggest hits for two solid hours.
  14. Shania Twain with Gavin DeGraw (July 18, 2015 in Greenville, SC)
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    At six, the only thing I wanted in the world-besides a pony- was to see Shania Twain live. Twenty years later, I got the chance to make that childhood wish come true and gosh, oh gosh was it worth it. She slayed from the time she appeared on stage until the end of "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" and looked AMAZING while doing it. As for Gavin, I was kind of meh about him going into it, but by the time he finished his opening set, he'd not only made me a fan but ignited a little crush as well.
  16. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
    They're going to be in Atlanta in February. My birthday's in February... It's a sign, y'all. Okay, so maybe it isn't but that doesn't mean I won't use it to try to convince someone to go with me.
  17. Stevie Nicks
    I've seen her with the Mac. Now I want to see her cover the solo part of her career.
  18. Adele
    No explanation needed.
  19. Kacey Musgraves
    Same Trailer Different Park and Pageant Material are easily two of my favorite albums of all time. Plus, she just seems like she would put on a really cool concert.
  20. Billy Joel
    I adore The Piano Man, plain and simple.
  21. Taylor Swift
    I know I've seen her once but that was on her *first* headlining tour. She's only matured as a performer since then.
  22. Hootie & the Blowfish
    As a Carolina girl who grew up listening to Cracked Rear View, Fairweather Johnson, etc, this is a nostalgic must for me.
  23. Pat Benatar
    I've gone through three if not four copies of her Best Shots greatest hits album since I first discovered her music at fifteen.
  24. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
    Joan was a musical staple of my teens for me. Who am I kidding? She's still a musical staple for me:
  25. (And now that I'm finished with this, I guess I'll go finish All The Things That Need to Be Done Today. *sighs* 😑)