Some silly, some serious, but all things I've thought about lately
  1. handwritten cards in the mail
  2. The Torkelsons
  3. Duchess
  4. being able to read/watch the news without always feeling blinding anger and heartbreak
  5. Aaahh! Real Monsters
  6. Chapel Hill
  7. Carrie Fisher
  8. feeling like I know what I'm doing
  9. making mailboxes out of shoe boxes for Valentine's Day
  10. Daria
  11. going to Ingles to see my grandmother and getting a cookie from the bakery
    She worked in the bakery baking bread so we always ended up getting a cookie when we went to see her.
  12. nap time
  13. people I shouldn't
  14. people I should
  15. picking out the perfect box of Valentine cards and then carefully filling them out for my classmates
  16. sleeping like a normal person
  17. the peanut butter flavored Pop Tarts
  18. the little movie theater that my hometown used to have
  19. my Power Rangers pillowcase
  20. not dealing with jaw pain
    Thanks to my TMJ flaring up, I've been living on smoothies, soups, and soft foods the last few days. 😑
  21. book fairs and the Scholastic Book Club flyers
  22. Bunheads
  23. doing homework at the kitchen table with my brother after school
    Not so much the homework part as much as the time spent at that table with him and our mom.
  24. waking up early on the weekend to watch cartoons
  25. building blanket forts
  26. falling in love
  27. the ocean lapping at my ankles while my toes sink into the sand
  28. late night trips to Denny's/IHOP with my best friend
  29. having decent/good ideas for lists
  30. Did I mention sleep? Because I **really** miss it right about now.
  31. Local
  32. Local