Things That Taste Like My Childhood

Inspired by @DG, @kate81, @kattradio, and everyone else.
  1. Milk
    According to my parents, I could go through about two gallons a week on my own when I was little. (Oddly enough, I don't drink much milk now because it makes my stomach hurt.)
  2. Butter Cookies
    A very popular snack from my daycare days, I used to put them on my finger and then nibble around them to see how much I could eat before they fell off.
  3. whatever the off-brand, bulk version of Fla-Vor-Ice was
    We used to get these after coming in from the playground at daycare. Well, that's kind of a lie. After we got done playing, we would line up along the fence and one adult would hand out the Popsicles while another would come along with a pair of scissors and snip the end off. When you were finished, you threw your trash away and went inside to the sweet, sweet air conditioner.
  4. Yoo-hoo
    Despite loving both milk and chocolate, I surprisingly didn't—and still don't—like the two mixed together. So each time my grandmother or someone else tried to give me one, I responded by telling them that I didn't like "dirty milk".
  5. Super Mario Bros. soda
    I don't think these were on the market long but I remember loving them because they fit in my hand.
  6. Mickey's Parade Ice Pops
    I don't think they ever looked like what was on the box.
  7. Squeezit
    My brother and I used to race to see who could drink theirs first.
  8. Kool-Aid
    A staple because my mom could buy them for ten cents a pack from Winn-Dixie.
  9. McDonald's Happy Meals
    The daycare served lunch everyday at noon which meant we were usually STARVING by the time our mom picked us up at 5:30 so some afternoons she would take us to McD's to get a Happy Meal to help hold us over until she got dinner done. (The month of October was our favorite because our food would come in the plastic buckets that we could use to trick or treat.)
  10. Spam with macaroni and cheese
    For reasons I will never ever ever ever EVER understand, this was my brother's favorite meal when he was little. (I still shudder every time I think of it.)
  11. Dunkaroos
    My mom quickly quit buying these when she realized my brother was eating the frosting and then throwing away the little cookies that came with them.
  12. Push Up pops
    There were many tears spilled over Push Up pops that ended up on the driveway after being pushed too far.
  13. Hi-C Ecto Cooler
    Hell hath no fury like a kid who can't get the straw into their juice box.
  14. Capri Sun
    My brother played baseball growing up which meant that in addition to being drug to every ball field in upstate SC, I spent a lot of time helping lug a cooler filled with these things back and forth to the car.
  15. Lunchables
    When my mom worked third shift, she used to buy these and leave them in the fridge for our snacks when we got home from school in the afternoons.
  16. Chocolate Ears Mickey
    I think my mom used to buy these to make up for the fact that the ice cream truck never came down our street.
  17. a sandwich, baggie of chips, sweet treat (usually a pudding cup or Cosmic brownie), and drink packed into a lunchbox
    I went my entire school career without ever eating a school lunch.
  18. Fun Dip
    The powder always left my tongue raw, but did I let that stop me from eating it? No, no, I did not.
  19. Trix back when each flavor had its own shape
    I still eat it from time to time now but it's just not the same.
  20. Juicy Fruit
    My grandmother used to keep this in her pocketbook and would slip us a piece whenever we came to visit.
  21. a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with a side of hash browns from Stewart's
    Whenever one of us had to go to the doctor, our mom used to take us by Stewart's to get something to eat. The food was great anyway but the real perk—for us anyway— was getting to see our grandfather who was the head cook there.
  22. water from the hose pipe
    In our young minds, it took waaay too long to dry off or wash the grass/dirt off of our feet so whenever we got thirsty, we'd hit the hose pipe and then go right back to the pool/trampoline/swing set/whatever.
  23. Fruits and veggies
    I know it looks like all I ate growing up was sugar but my mom was a stickler about making sure we had a balanced diet and home cooked meals.