1. But before I get to that, I just want to take a second to say thank you for all the love and enthusiasm you showed to the list I did yesterday. Honestly, it was my pleasure to put it together & I hope you'll believe me when I say that I'm constantly amazed &inspired by the beauty, honesty, humor, intelligence, &heart you each share here.
  2. I also have to say that the only downside to that li.st was that I could only include links to ninety-nine of my faves because everyone I follow are the complete and total bee's knees.
  3. Aaaaand now that I've gotten all mushy gushy on y'all, let's move on to the heart of this li.st, okay?
  4. So once I noticed that I was getting close to the 200 li.st milestone, I started racking my brain to try to figure out what to do for it and the only thing I could come up with was to turn it over to you guys and let you gals and guys ask me anything (AMA).
  5. But what if that isn't your thing? That's okay too. Leave a message, share a li.st you love/think deserves a little more lovin', show off a gif/picture you find funny, or anything else you want
    ... you know, as long as it isn't offensive. 😬
  6. And just in case you do decide you want to go the question route, here are a few fast facts about me:
  7. I am an aspiring writer, a novice artist, an okay photographer, and a girl who knows her way around a kitchen.
  8. According to my Twitter bio, I live on the corner of Narnia and Neverland, but in reality I live in a small town in the upstate of South Carolina where the horse statue in front of the local high school not being castrated was bigger news than a former official embezzling town funds.
  9. I tend to devour books like they're the air I need to breathe, possess a ridiculous amount of trivia knowledge, seem to have forgotten how to sleep, and have a soft spot in my heart for people who make me laugh.
  10. My area of expertise here seems to be in the areas of film, television, trivia and music while my loves include my family, my two dogs, Fleetwood Mac, Bob's Burgers, Stevie Nicks, Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Dessen novels, vinyl records, Gloria Steinem, Lauren Bacall, food, Star Wars, art of...books, marathoning shows, musicals and comic books.
  11. So yeah, if you've got something to ask, want to leave a message, or share something you love, go right ahead. 💛
  12. Congrats on your 200th list, dear BFFF! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    What's your favourite Lauren Bacall role/film and why?
    Suggested by @Diplomatic_diva
  13. Dear @Diplomatic_diva, you are the best and I adore you more than this space will allow me to tell you. 💛💛💛
    Now to answer your question: While I'll always have a soft spot for To Have and Have Not (1944), the two I watch most often are The Big Sleep (1946) and How to Marry a Millionaire (1953). As for why, I love that the chemistry and wit of Bogie and Bacall anchors a move that could easily veer off into chaos and confusion. And with How to Marry a Millionaire, I love the sass of her character, the chemistry she shared with Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe and those clothes (😍)
  14. @MichaelRose asks: If you could sum up your first 199 lists what would you say?
  15. Local
    After giving your question some major thought, @MichaelRose, I think the best way for me to sum up those first 199 lists (and really myself in general) is a lot of nerding out over movies, books, and music with some major and minor pieces of my heart sprinkled throughout. 💛
  16. @kcupcaker asks: Do you have a signature dish?
  17. Local
  18. As boring as it sounds, my signature dish would probably be my chicken sandwich. I season the chicken with a spice blend that I've *almost* perfected, sauté some onions, peppers, and mushrooms, throw it all on a toasted sub roll with some cheese, and serve it with a side of homemade french fries. But if that isn't your thing, I make really good BBQ, ribs, chicken pot pie, lasagna, vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh and a pretty decent strawberry pie. 🙂