Veronica Mars GIFs I Use Rather Frequently

And by rather frequently, I mean all the time.
  1. Anytime something cool happens to me:
    Examples of cool include the time I received a tweet from Chrissy Teigen thanking me for the nice things I said about here cookbook and clicking on the Film Buffs banner here to find one my lists was included.
  2. My default "whatever" response:
  3. Version A of "I get what you're saying":
  4. Version B of "I get what you're saying":
  5. The "You just do you" response:
    This also doubles as version C of "I get what you're saying".
  6. When someone decides to shower me with praise to the point that I'm in danger of drowning:
    This is also known in my world as "I don't know how to take a compliment."
  7. When something awesome happens to my friends:
  8. When someone I haven't talked to in foooooreeeeevvvvvveeeerrrr randomly contacts me and asks what I've been up to:
  9. When someone sends something outrageous and/or shocking:
  10. When someone's freaking out on me because a, b, or c has gone wrong for them and is now threatening to ruin their day/week/month/year/life:
  11. When someone's obviously looking for a pat on the back:
  12. Every time I do and/or say something embarrassing:
  13. Reserved for situations when someone tells me how excited/lucky/grateful I should feel for or about things:
    Seven times out of ten, they aren't nearly as awesome as the person portrays them to be.
  14. When someone mentions something that sounds like a terrible idea:
  15. When someone "asks" (demands) something of me without at least offering a please:
  16. When I'm frustrated to the point I want to karate chop someone in the throat:
  17. When someone's either taking forever to respond* to a question I've asked or is late for our agreed meeting time:
    *— I'm pretty understanding about other things coming up that need someone's attention...until I see that they've posted to Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat but have failed to respond to my text.
  18. Reserved for those special few who say and/or do something to majorly piss me off:
    It should come as no surprise that my brother is the leading recipient of this one.
  19. Pretty self-explanatory: