Inspired by @DG and everyone else. (Sorry, y'all. This is one of those drafts I started, but didn't publish until...well, now.)
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    Surprisingly, this is so tamed compared to my family's usual outdoor display.
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    Walking through the house to find her like this is a rather frequent occurrence.
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    It's taken me years to perfect this level of gift wrapping skills, y'all.
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    Christmas celebrations at my grandmother's house came in waves this year. (This was wave one.)
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    My grandmother's been in the (extended) process of moving, which means that most of her stuff is split between the two places. The night before we were supposed to do Christmas at her place, she realized she didn't have a tree so she put this little one together with things she found around the house.
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    The day Mo went missing only for me to find that she had put herself to bed.
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    My brother's dog is kind of a moron, but also pretty sweet.
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    Woke up the other night because I couldn't figure out why I was having such a hard time moving my legs. The picture above= the reason why I was struggling.
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    "Into the garbage chute, flyboy."
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    A little bit of much needed loveliness from @nikkilounoel. 💛
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    Probably the best tweet of my Twitter life.
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    Trying to give my parents gift ideas for me. (I'll also tell you that the line up for the 2017 Big Screen Classics series is 👌👌👌.)
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    I sent a text to my dad telling him "I needs it, Daddy. I *neeeeds* it." Unsurprisingly, he never replied.
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    I started to get this for my brother as a nostalgic Christmas gift until I remembered that the one he had when he was little never worked right. Well, that and the fact that he took my last Cinnamon Roll Pop Tart.
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    My mom said she started to buy this for me because "it's so you!"
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    My brother's dog crawled up on the table while I was wrapping a gift for him so of course I put her to work.
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    I don't know what's more fabulous: my Barney ensemble in the top picture or the fact that I'm 92% sure that the bottom one was taken in a Walmart/K-Mart.
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    Guess who was excited to see It's a Wonderful Life (1946) on the big screen. Me. It was me. 🙋🏻
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    Easily the best money I've spent all month. (I also think the last time I paid that price for a movie ticket was waaaaay back in high school.)
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    The only thing better than seeing a classic you love is seeing a classic you love and having the entire theater to yourself.
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    Sent to my brother so he could circle it on his calendar.
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    Like I said— frequent occurrence, y'all.
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    There are also a good number of gifs- like the one below- that I've used on Twitter and in text conversations that I'm just too lazy to include here.
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    Mo summing up how I felt while making pie crust at 2AM on Christmas morning because I'd forgotten to do it earlier.
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    I just don't know how in the world I was ever supposed to guess that these were mine...😄
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    Is this proof that my people get me or that my heart is mostly that of a five year old child? (Both, it's probably both.)
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    What happens when you trust me to sign your name because too lazy to do it.
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    Current status: happy, but also officially holly jollied out.