Inspired by @kcupcaker, @DG, @justjills, @amieshmamie, @marginally_amazing, @jhope71, @lexie_elyse, @julieann718, @talor, and any others that I've seen and liked.
  1. an album from my favorite record store
    Much like movies, music is a definite love language for me.
  2. a movie I've seen at least four times
    Yes, this would come with at least three pieces of trivia I know about it.
  3. a book I'm madly in love with
    These would range anywhere from Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak to Megan McCafferty and Gayle Forman to Felicia Day and Gloria Steinem and whatever else in between.
  4. a copy of one of the many, many random pictures I've taken
    Autographed upon request
  5. a pair of sunglasses
    I have a weakness, y'all.
  6. a pen and a sketch book/journal*
    *— and by sketch book/journal, I actually mean a stack of napkins because that's usually what I end up writing/drawing on
  7. a friendship bracelet made by yours truly
    It's one of the only skills I have.
  8. a note telling you that I believe in you.
    Because I know it's something I always need to hear.