Ever wonder what little Kayla wanted to be when she grew up? No? Well, I made this list anyway.
  1. tall
    Come to think of it, I still would like to be tall.
  2. rich
    And by rich, I meant having enough money to buy my own Littlest Pet Shop toys without having to clean my room first.
  3. old enough to not have to take naps.
    Now that I am, I would like to officially declare this to be the worst "when I grow up" dream ever.
  4. a princess
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    Correction: I am a princess, or at least I was back when I was four.
  5. the pink Power Ranger
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    This actually still is my backup plan.
  6. a teacher
    Which is kind of hilarious considering I was a honor student who almost didn't graduate high school because I skipped so much. (Sorry again, Mom and Dad. 😔)
  7. a singer-songwriter
    I was DEVASTATED and terribly embarrassed when one of my teachers "jokingly" told me that I couldn't do this, which is why I now only sing in the car or while I'm cooking. Words- joking or not- matter, y'all.
  8. a writer
    I blame every teacher who saw that potential in me and decided to nurture it. *angrily shakes fist* The nerve!
  9. the tambourine/shawl/top hat wrangler for Stevie Nicks
    I wrote this as a joke on the career aspirations packet I was forced to fill out every year of high school, but let's be honest- if there was an actual job application for this, I would fill it out with no shame whatsoever.
  10. an artist
    I mean, I was already poor so this seemed like a logical choice.
  11. a photographer
    Since I already kept a camera in my hands, I figured why not get paid for it.
  12. Happy
    I still have hope for this one.