1. You've started and stopped this list at least five times because you can't quite figure out what you want to say.
  2. The walls of your place are mostly covered in movie-related items.
  3. You aren't a big fan of bread, breakfast, pastas, and red meat.
  4. You can find the potential for anything to be a canvas for your creativity.
  5. You've known since you were fourteen that you wanted to be a writer.
  6. You have a collection of Star Wars toys.
  7. Your list of personal heroes includes women like Carrie Fisher, Gloria Steinem, Nora Ephron, and Stevie Nicks.
  8. Seeing "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" for the first time was a complete and total game changer for you.
  9. You go through your Instagram page to gauge how embarrassing/incriminating it is before accepting any new follow requests.
  10. You still wish on stars and 11:11.
  11. You have a guilt complex.
  12. You tend to try to do things by yourself because you hate the idea of having to bother someone to ask for help.
  13. You love the smell of coffee but hate the taste.
  14. You prefer even numbers because it means everyone has a partner.
    But for some unexplained reason, your favorite number is fifteen.
  15. One of your greatest hopes/desires/wishes in life is to be a parent but the idea of someone calling you "mom" and needing you like you've needed yours still kind of freaks you out.
  16. You live with a chronic case of wanderlust.
  17. You're the reason why UNO has been banned from game nights.
  18. You hum "Landslide" when you get nervous/overwhelmed.
  19. You've been known to cry out of frustration, not because people don't understand you, but because you can't figure out how to express what you want/need from them.
  20. You worry that maybe you're really a horrific writer and you're just wasting your time.
  21. Your favorite Beatle is and always will be George.
  22. You tend to get lost inside your own head.
  23. You're still sad about Carrie Fisher.
  24. You never ever think you're cool.
  25. One of your dream jobs involves writing about movies and/or being a host of Turner Classic Movies.
  26. You prefer to go to the movies in the middle of a weekday afternoon because you like having a theater to yourself.
  27. You prefer vinyl over everything else.
  28. 84% of your tweets involve some kind of gif.
  29. You're horrible at answering phone calls and texts because you just really sort of hate the phone.
  30. These are the faces that greet you when you come home:
  31. You tend to fall for guys who are emotionally unavailable.
  32. You've been known to carry a piece of paper and a pen into the theater so that you can write down all the movie trailers that catch your attention.
  33. You just want someone who loves and respects you, calls you out on your bullshit when it matters most, and doesn't mind spending an afternoon at the movie theater and/or bookstore.
  34. You tell your parents that if the worst they have to worry about from you is your cursing then they've done a pretty good job as parents.
  35. You always read the last page first.
  36. You tend to search for and believe in even the smallest sliver of hope.
  37. The camera roll on your phone is mostly made up of pictures like this:
  38. You're almost always up for a road trip.
  39. Your biggest fear is never finding your place/purpose in the world.
  40. Your idea of a perfect night involves food and laughter shared with people you love.
  41. You have a love/weakness for sunglasses.
  42. Both of your mother's name choices for you came from her love of "Days of Our Lives".
  43. You need your alone time.
  44. You've spent a small fortune on lip balms because you can never seem to keep up with one.
  45. The idea of someone loving you enough to want to build a life with you kind of weirds you out and yet you still really hope it happens.
  46. You once thought a chapter of your life would include writing in cafes across Europe and a musician named Jean-Luc.
  47. You ever dreamed of becoming the pink Power Ranger.
    Which is a bit odd considering you've never really loved the color pink.
  48. Your singing along to the radio isn't just confined to the car.
  49. You ask people how their hearts are doing instead of the standard "How are you?"
  50. You struggle with accepting compliments even though you're usually the first to share them with others.
  51. You fill your nights with movies, books, and music because your body refuses to sleep.
  52. You carry a copy of Shel Silverstein's "Listen to the Mustn'ts" in your wallet.
  53. You love handwritten cards and letters and wish you could just ask everyone you like to send you one.
  54. You always have some sort of music on while you're cooking.
  55. You're pretty awkward and have a loud laugh.
  56. You're your worst critic and the first to rip yourself apart.
    And you hate this fact about yourself, but always seem to fall victim to it.
  57. You tend to begin almost all personal correspondences with "Hello Gorgeous".
  58. You genuinely like hanging out with your parents and grandmother.
  59. You've ever felt like the people spread out all of over the world that you've connected with because of an app might know you better than the person sitting across from you.
  60. You're wondering how the heart of the person reading this is doing. 💛