Examples of Everyday Magic

  1. When you put someone who is nervous at ease by smiling at them.
  2. When you get a text from someone you really like and your heart beats faster.
  3. Being able to make an entire cake from raw material.
  4. Cat paws
  5. Animals making noises in their sleep
  6. The particular softness of a horse's nose
  7. Waking up feeling rested
  8. Having the courage to be vulnerable
  9. Deciding to stay home and wrap yourself in a burrito blanket and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls
  10. Being invited to something by someone you really want to be better friends with
  11. Really excellent coffee
  12. making your bed on the first try
    Suggested by   @alanna
  13. having just enough cash
    Suggested by   @alanna
  14. thinking you need to redo your eyeliner but then you look in the mirror and it's totally cute
    Suggested by   @alanna
  15. Ocean sunsets
    Suggested by   @alimi
  16. When an old song that's been stuck in your head comes on the radio
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  17. The first smell of a new season
    Suggested by   @sophiack
  18. making it to the bathroom just in time
    Suggested by   @mcj