I made a small list of things I ask myself before I start to complain about my bills and living expenses. As daunting as being an adult may seem, many of us are fortunate to have the things we do.
  1. Would you rather get up and go to work everyday or depend on others, borrow everything, sell your belongings for cheap, donate plasma, etc.?
    They stop giving you $50 after your 5th plasma donation.
  2. Would you rather pay your phone bill or have no way for people to contact you or keep in touch with your friends and family?
  3. Would you rather pay your car note, buy gas, and get an oil change, or wait for the bus/wait for someone else to take you where you need to go?
    Disclaimer: there is NOTHING wrong with public transportation! I've had to use it. I'm asking those who complain about having a car when it is honestly a blessing even in the worst of conditions.
  4. Would you rather pay your utilities or sit in the dark, have no heat/air, and have no running water?
  5. Would you rather buy groceries or have nothing to eat?