Pictures that perfectly describe each month of 2015 from my phone.
  1. January - Dance, dance, dance.
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  2. February - More rehearsals. Church film festival.
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  3. March - Performing at Nationals. Auditioning for college theatre programs.
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  4. April - Beach, relaxing finally.
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  5. May - Prom, dateless, with my BFF.
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  6. June - Summer. Taylor. Beach. YES!
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  7. July - Fell in love.
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  8. August - Fell in love, took slightly better pictures.
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  9. September - Rainy days in the mountains
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  10. October - Teched a show for the first time.
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  11. November - Thankgiving watching soccer tournaments.
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  12. December - Christmas Carol
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  13. Bring it on, 2016.