Dylan O'Brien FREAKING LOVES the Mets. More than is healthy. He tweets about them constantly. Here are his Mets tweets, ranked.
  1. Exclamation points, but no capitalization. Good, but not great.
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  2. Like the incorporation of statistics, however, still doesn't have the fire and spark to rank higher.
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  3. Points for mystery, but too "What the heck does this mean" for this to rank in the top Mets tweets.
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  4. Love the enthusiasm. The :) gives it a little unexpected sparkle.
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  5. Like the fact that Mets fandom is a family business. A little humble-braggy though. We get it, the Mets are first.
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  6. This one has a real "1940's Paperboy" feel. How bout them Mets, aye? Points for historical resonance, and the :D is a nice change from :)
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  7. Even MORE enthusiastic than the last tweet. Essentially the same, but the suspense added using the multiple periods is key here. Plus, the return to the classic :) has me feeling nostalgic.
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  8. Just whole-hearted, unabashed, love. Also, the sheer amount of exclamation points is incredible.
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  9. Dreams finally come true. After all this time, the Mets are finally like - "What the heck can we do to shut this guy up?? He loves us so much!!" The pure joy in Dylan's "?!" makes this tweet #1, despite the typo in the Mets' original tweet. #or or #of?
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