1. Her name was Amanda
    We lived right down the street from each other, and every single day from age 6-13 was running back and forth
  2. We made videos together
    Silly music videos, movies. Just little fun things.
  3. One memorable time, I got stuck in one of her dresses while we were playing dress up.
    Terrified, she cut me out of it with scissors. We hid the dress and swore to never tell. I confessed, guilty and in tears, to my mother later that night.
  4. We used to listen to Gwen Stefani and Lizzie McGuire together
    She had a karaoke CD player. We sang for hours.
  5. Every sleepover we had we watched The Parent Trap together.
  6. She moved to China.
    Her dad worked for John Deere. I believe they moved back to the United States a few years ago, but I'm not sure where
  7. I miss her a lot today.