1. I woke up and realized my babysitting job was cancelled.
    The glory of not having to entertain children far outweighed the no-payment.
  2. I immediately turned over and fell back asleep.
  3. I had enough time to get ready.
    I love getting ready. If I had my way, I would spend three hours on it, just watching Netflix and carefully applying mascara to each individual eyelash. But I usually don't, and only get about 10 minutes.
  4. Josh and I went to the mall
    And we read books about life and religion side by side. It was nice.
  5. Josh went to the flannel department in every single store
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    Because he has an addiction.
  6. I went out to dinner with Josh's family and didn't embarrass myself.
    Always a plus for a socially awkward and clumsy me.
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  8. Josh driving.
    I don't like driving to places I don't already know the way to, and he drives and puts on music and I watch him drive and it's so very peaceful.
  9. I'm about to go curl up in my bed and be comfy cozy.
  10. 😊🍃💘🍀🌻