1. Jeans
    I won't buy jeans until I have ripped my last pair and I'm wearing shorts in January
  2. Coats
    I don't believe in wearing coats because I think they make me look fat and also I'm stupid.
  3. Makeup
    Because maybe there's that tiny bit of blush left and I'm not about to be wasteful
  4. Birthday Gifts
    Nothing is more stressful. I'll do it tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the day after. And SHOOT THE PARTY IS IN TEN MINUTES
  5. Sneakers
    I went through so much to find a pair that didn't make my feet look fat. So much.
  6. Chapstick
    I have plenty of Chapstick! Even if it's just one stick left. Who even needs Chapstick? And then I'm running to the store because my lips look like the ground in California.