Costumes I Have Worn

  1. A witch
    The first costume I remember - it was little dress with a witch hat. But my mom tried to tell me it was a black fairy.
  2. Hillbilly
    Many a last minute costume for several years. Pigtails, drawn on freckles, and a flannel.
  3. A Hollywood diva
    A giant fur coat and a blonde wig. Seventh grade.
  4. An eighties chick
    My mom liked that costume probably even more than I did.
  5. A gorilla in a bikini and grass skirt
    This was the year that I started making costumes a personal competition to outdo myself. I wish I had pictures. Also, I should have died from heat stroke. It doesn't get cold in Louisiana.
  6. A chicken
    Just... A giant chicken.
  7. Cruella DeVille
    Very glamorous.
  8. A turkey
    Like the chicken, but for fall.
  9. Peanut butter
    As a part of a PB&J group costume.
  10. Miss piggy
    One of my better ideas, I think.
  11. Rocky Balboa
    Comfiest costume. Ever.
  12. This year -
    A super pregnant girl.