Things My Pregnant Belly Makes Me Feel

  1. Like Pacha's wife from empowers new groove
    Especially this picture. Where I go to pick something up and somebody tells me "don't bend over!" But then they don't get it for me so I have to do it anyway
  2. Like a walking Death Star
    I was walking in the halls of my school and they started playing the imperial march. I no longer feel like Vader. Just the entire ship.
  3. Like I'm being tortured for information
    Pressure on my lungs and... Other places makes me want to confess to crimes I never even committes
  4. Impatient with people's remarks
    "Don't get any bigger, you won't be able to walk!" "You sure you don't have two in there?" "You're so pregnant!" Yes. Thank you.
  5. Okay with doing lazy things
    I.e., leaving the shopping cart in a parking space instead of walking it to the cart return.
  6. Like moms who love pregnancy are full of bull.
    Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful. But geeze.
  7. SO. ITCHY.
  8. Like I can say whatever I want.
    Update: there are still consequences to my words.
  9. Really ready to have this baby.
    That's probably the point though right? I don't have time to be scared - I'm too busy being really freaking uncomfortable.