A list compiled by the girl who is now required to remove staples and deal with your messy life (which is made clear by your staple placement).
  1. People who staple not only the papers, but ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE ENVELOPE
    You have GOT to be kidding me.
  2. People who staple in the middle of the page (top middle or side middle, does not matter, both offensive)
    Seriously. Get your life together.
  3. People who staple the same pages twice. Particularly in the top left at a diagonal and then down the side vertically.
    Are you afraid the first staple is going to decide to quit doing its job and join the circus instead?
  4. People who staple their business card to the packet of papers
    Nobody cares who you are. STAHP.
  5. People who paperclip a cover sheet over a stapled packet
    I see you trying to throw me off your scent, you will not win this game!
  6. People who staple in the upper right hand corner
  7. People who staple in the same place from the front of the pages AND AND AND the back.
    You are a bad person and should feel bad about yourself if you do this.