I listen to a lot of podcasts but these are the ones I won't miss an episode of.
  1. Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia
    Ghost stories, midnight snacks, animal Instagram acct follow suggestions, what more could you want? Alie and Georgia interview a comedian (or sometimes just each other) and it never fails to make me laugh out loud and want to visit a Korean day spa.
  2. Call Chelsea Peretti
    I called into the show once and sounded like a dummy but feel #blessed that she didn't hang up on me.
  3. Another Round
    Excellent jokes! Great quizzes! Drinks! White people getting called out for their shit! What's not to love?
  4. Call Your Girlfriend
    Smart lady podcasters who are funny, supportive, well-read, and passionate about lounge-wear and menstruation.
  5. Put Your Hands Together with Cameron Esposito
    I mostly stick around for the back and forth between Cameron and her co-host/fiancé Rhea Butcher but there are some pretty good comedians that come out each week too.
  6. Before You Were Funny
    Fine, I guess I'll throw a dude-hosted podcast in here. Writers read some of their worst material. It's hilarious and also makes me feel better about my potential as a writer.